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I gave NikkiZ her blog name when I was pregnant with her because it is a subtle variation of her real (and very unique) name; with a “Z” on the end. Why do I feel the need to give everyone names with Zs on the end? Who the hell knows. I’m sure when I started blogging it seemed like a good idea. But, if you’ll recall, I also used the word “Ewok” in my first blog url, which is definitely not the model for blog-savy.

NikkiZ has since acquired a few real nicknames that may or may not stick, only time will tell. One is “Bee Bee” and it is derived from the word “Baby” when spoken using any of the many weird voices we feel the need to use when talking to NikkiZ. I also tend to affectionantly call her “Goofy” because she does goofy things (duh). I don’t know why I fall back on that name for her as often as I do – but it just seems so appropriate so many times.

I kinda wish I had thought about “LilZ” more than I did because the taller he gets? The sillier it feels. I may have to find a more grown-up name to call him, like “QuicklySurpassingZootInHeightAndInSmartsZ” ‘Cause you got to have the “Z” on the end. Of course – he really likes the name so I doubt he’d want me to change it.

MrZ is starting his own web project in the next several months (not a blog, don’t get too excited) and he’ll be using his real name on the site. Since he’ll want me to pimp it out when it comes time, many of you will eventually learn his real name (and my last name – for that matter). He and I were talking and wondering if any of you have an idea as to what his name is? If you do – throw it in the comment section. If anyone guesses correctly we’ll give you eleventy trajillion dollars. (Not really.) For those of you who know it already? No guessing.

And bonus points if you get the name right AND the spelling correct. If there is one thing that bugs the crap out of my husband? Is having his name spelled wrong.

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  1. I love this game. Let’s see……….
    Rumpelstilzkin!! kidding. Here are my guesses
    1. John McSweeneyZ
    2. Brandon GarrettZ
    3. Matt MurrayZ
    4. Chris TomlinsonZ
    5. Rob KellyZ
    6. Max PowerZ
    If I am even partly close, it proves my powers of ESPare great and that I should win the lottery any day now.

  2. Ewoks. ๐Ÿ™‚ Just the thought of them makes my day. They were so cute. ๐Ÿ™‚ hehe. (and no of course I don’t have all the figurines from the movie and/or saturday morning cartoon beside my ET collections.)

  3. A name that can be misspelled…:



    Err… that’s all I’ve got.

  4. I’m a lurker but wanted to take a stab at the guessing. No idea why I think this but Mr.Z looks like a Bryan to me.

  5. That is the cutest cutest CUTEST picture. You MUST use it in your next banner. Must! (Tagline: now with more poop)

  6. I totally understand. My name gets butchered all to hell because of that pesky extra ‘a’.

    Hmmm. He looks like a… a…

    Steven? Or maybe PH that.

  7. damn it…I could use eleventy trajillion dollars (really). LOL! That picture…I think you should take one a year just like it!

  8. I don’t know, Janet, at some point pictures of NikkiZ in that pose will cross the line.
    MrZ = Devin.

  9. Hmmm……

    Jon? (John)

    Bryan? (Brian)

    Erik? (Eric)

    Stephen? (Steven)

    Thom? (Tom)

    Jorge? (George)

    Am I close???

  10. Hmmm……

    Jon? (John)

    Bryan? (Brian)

    Erik? (Eric)

    Stephen? (Steven)

    Thom? (Tom)

    Jorge? (George)

    Am I close???

  11. Damian?
    Crap, now I’m gonna be thinking about this ALL day.
    Evil woman. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  12. Well I guess I can’t guess it since I know it, but I can relate to the name spelling thing. Everyone spells my name wrong… even you did that one time… but you didn’t spell it wrong today! So yay! And yay for soft socks because I simply could not love mine anymore. I’m now going to give them as gifts to everyone I meet.
    But since I don’t know your last name, I’ll take a crack at that…

    Donaldson (heh)

  13. He does look like a Bryan…or a Michael, or a Matt. Hmm….

    Also, “LilZ” is a cool rapper-like name. I can see why LilZ would like it.

    Back to muttering every possible men’s name I can think of under my breath….


  14. She kinda looks like a character in a Dr. Seuss book. I LOVE that picture. Tis awesome.
    I know LilZ’s name, but not MrZ’s. And all I can think of right now is wouldn’t it sound funny if I used the Canadian version of Z and called them LilZed and MrZed?

  15. I first thought MrZ’s name was Tim, but then when you said with the spelling thing, I am guessing Bryan.

  16. I was convinced it was Bryan, and I see several others think so too. I’m not sure why but he looks like a Bryan : )

    (I have a particular fondness for “Bryan”‘s, with a “Y” that is… as I am married to one.)

  17. My guess is Bryan….he kind of looks like a Bryan. But I had an ex-bf named Bryon, so I’m going to throw that spelling in, too, as a guess.

  18. Forget the husband unit, what’s NikkiZ’s name?


    Come on name twinsie…spill it!

    My name is Kym, and the Kymba part came from ‘kimba the white lion’, as my maiden name is Lyons.

    My 9mo Zoe? Her retinue so far includes (and you should like these): Zerbert, Zo-Zo, Zozilla (when she’s particuarly destructive) and Tiny.


  19. Oh, MAN! I love guessing games…but they’re no fun when you know all the answers!!!


  20. He does look like a Bryan – acutally a lot like a friend I have with that name. That would be strange.

    As for NikkiZ – were you on an Elton John kick and called her Nikita?? Very La Femme Nikita – she could become a spy? ๐Ÿ™‚

    As for last name – Holmes?? I recall that name from your pics after the birth.

  21. Oooh, I know, I know! Oh wait…darn… I can’t guess because I really do know. LOL!

    FWIW, my husband hates when people mispell his name too…but to everyone’s credit he’s like the ONLY person in the world to spell it the way he does. LOL!

    Also, I might “come out of the blogging closet” at some point. I have some more thinking to do, but everyone’s gonna know my name at BlogHer anyhow so why hide, you know?

  22. I call my boy bubba- also an evolution of baby. Everybody laughs, but I like it. Especially since he’s gotten so big so fast! The name I use the most for him, though, is Peanut Butter. I really can’t say why…

  23. My guess:
    Erin, Aron, Aaron
    Only because my husband’s middle name is Erin. He hates it because it’s spelled like a girl’s. But, really, I agree with the Bryan. If that’s not his name, he should look into changing it. He totally looks like a Bryan.

  24. I know NikkiZ’s name. I am not sure of the exact spelling because it was a long time ago that Zoot included it in an e-mail. It is a super cute name though.

  25. Too busy laughing at Rockstarmommys comments to guess.

    And also the grinchbaby photo.

  26. Great picture! Do you find that your nicknames change? I used to call my kid Bug all the time when he was first born because in truth, his eyes were sorta buggy. However,t I lied and told people it was because of the whole “bug in a rug” thing since he loved to be swaddled.

    Damn – I wish I could play the Name Game. I never thought of what their real names would be – I think of all of them as their blognames. Of course, I am the dumbass that has almost called her OWN husband by his blogname to her friends.

  27. Dude, it’s a strange feeling to be one of the ones on the inside track for a change. And we thought we’d end up calling Grommet “Grommet” in real life, but most often we use “the Squeaker”. I have to keep reminding myself to use her real name so that she will eventually recognize it.

  28. Longtime lurker, first time commenter… Here’s a guess, though…

  29. If I could nickname NikkiZ, I would have to call her cookie lips, she looks like she would be a “Cookie Lips” to me. I have also thought of MrZ as a Brian or Eric, but lately, my mind has been wandering over to a Chris also. Tell me, tell me, did we all win eleventy trillion dollars? If so, since we all guessed the same damn name for your husband, do we have to split the money, like the lottery?? And when I saw the autographed picture with your real name on it, I got So Freakin’ excited. Don’t know why. Now you have to Guess what my name is….. Derrrrr

  30. He looks like a Troy to me, but that’s not really easily misspelled.

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