The “Incident”

Yesterday, when MrZ went to get LilZ from after-school care, an administrator said, “Excuse me, Mr. LilZ’sLastName…” while he was signing LilZ out. Since MrZ and LilZ have different last names, it didn’t immediately click that she was talking to him. When he looked up she was looking at him and asked if she could speak to him in her office.

When he got into her office, she called one of the other teachers in and said, “After LilZ came back from school today, there was an INCIDENT.” Now, at this point? MrZ said the other teacher was about to start crying (and eventually would tear up before the meeting was over) so he was very worried that something bad had happened. LilZ is not usually the type to get in trouble or do things that can be referred to as “incidents.” However, with the serious tone and the tears, all of the signs pointed to such an occurance.

(My first thought? Crap. He got kicked out for wearing one of his Harry Potter shirts which is against regulation.)

Evidently, they were doing some sort of assembly with singing and devotion. (Remember, this is a church sponsored program…and remember…we dont go to church.) They were singing some sort of church song that had specific dance moves that went along with it. LilZ, being the heathen that he is, was doing some goofy dance moves that were referred to as “inappropriate.” (LilZ later re-enacted the “inappropriate” moves and it was a Genie-in-a-bottle type hip wiggle move, at least that’s the best way to describe it.) The teacher walked by and popped him on the rear with the cordless phone she was holding in her hand and said, “We do NOT dance like that.”

She proceeded to get very upset while telling MrZ about this and apologized profusely saying things like, “I don’t kow what I was thinking, I give sentences, I dont spank! I’m sososososos sorry!”

MrZ was a little unsure how to handle the situation so he asked if LilZ was upset at all. They reassured him that he was not. So, no big deal – in MrZ’s mind. He thanked them for telling us and immediately went to go get LilZ to hear his version of the very odd events. When he asked LilZ, “So – what happened today in assembly?” LilZ didnt even know what he was talking about. To him? It was a total NON-event. He was very surprised to hear it was such a big deal to the office and to the teacher.

Now – we would never ever (EVER) allow anyone to spank our children, but we also understand that was not what happened here. Since LilZ is not upset? We’re not upset. It really was more of an unusual situation than upsetting to us. As MrZ put it – I guess the lesson learned is to be careful what dance moves you use at the very conservative Christian day care. In other words, no more hip-thrusting to “Father Abraham Had Many Sons.”

16 thoughts on “The “Incident””

  1. Yeah me too… I can thank my years as a daycare worker for learning all those little Jesus kid songs…

    Father Abraham had many sons
    Many sons had Father Abraham
    I am one of them
    And so are you
    So let’s all thrust our hips!
    Right hip! Left hip!

    What? Those aren’t the actual lyrics?

    Well I think they should be. You can’t have THAT many sons without doing a lot of hip thrusting. Hipocrites.

  2. I have faith again in the human race. In California (where I am) the parents would have sued after claiming their child was emotionaaly damaged beyond repair. “hip thrusts” that teacher had a dirty mind.

  3. That’s not even a spanking!

    I pop mine on the butt like that to get their attention or even jokingly to tell them they are doing something wrong.

    I think you should be thankful that he has a teacher who is so concerned!

  4. seriously ms.zootalicious…total lack of pictures last couple days!! need a squishy cheek-fix quick!!

  5. That is too funny!! At least they are aware of their actions!! I think your children are at a very safe place!! That is a great thing. ha. I heard a cop tell a parent of a delinquent child that they “obviously did not beat their child hard enough”!! can you imagine.

  6. I am not sure what to laugh at first – the Harry Potter Rule, the popping on the rear with a cell phone, the dance move, or WHAT. But this did strike me as funny.

  7. While it is obviously not something to do a lot, I wouldnt’ have even though one t hing about even as the teacher unless the kid put up some front… least you know where your kids administrators stand and you (general now) will probably won’t hear of kids being abused there

  8. I clicked here to post that THANKS, I now have that song in my head… but I see I’m not the only one.

    Drat….get it out. Get IT OUT!!!

  9. Thank God you’re a family of reasonable people. Seriously, there are people in the world that would have slapped a suit on that teacher before she could say mea culpa.

    Also, No wiggling or Harry Potter shirts? That kind of crap drives me insane.

  10. Shake them hips LilZ, and keep them on their toes. This is an example of what great parents you are. LilZ is lucky.

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