Abandoning a bad idea.

Yesterday, on the way home from work, I was thinking about our plans for the evening. Those plans were to go to the Rave Theater opening with LilZ and his friend. Since the movie wasn’t supposed to start until 7pm, I was just planning on taking NikkiZ and nursing her when the movie started so she’d go to sleep and sleep through the movie. While I was thinking about this? I realized that it was probably the stupidest plan in the history of man.

FIRST of all? NikkiZ is the noisiest eater ever. She slurps and grunts and hums and that would be really annoying if I was sitting behind myself in the theater. SECOND of all? The doors opened at 6pm. I would have to carry her and entertain her somehow before the movie started. Yeah, that sounds like fun. At a movie theater. Where there’s not even clean floor to sit her down on? THIRD of all? What if she gets fussy? She usually would just sleep, but since I was counting on her doing that? You know for DAMN well that should wouldn’t. And then what? Leave? That sounds fun too!

Needless to say – when I got home from work? I came to my senses and told MrZ that he and the boys they could go without me. They ended up having a blast and I caught up on some TiVo time without anyone to fight over TiVo with. It was kinda nice.

The funniest part of the whole story? They saw Pink Panther. A movie that got a wide range of HORRIBLE and HIDEOUS and HARSH reviews. I mean, I read several that just tore the movie and Steve Martin apart. Yet, MrZ proved what he and I always say: We don’t agree with the critics 99% of the time. MrZ came home and exclaimed that he laughed during the entire movie and that it was HILARIOUS. He loved it. Which makes me love him.

5 thoughts on “Abandoning a bad idea.”

  1. Party pooper! Just kidding, you probably made the right choice. My kids never cooperated with my seemingly-logical moviegoing strategies when they were babies, the little rats.

    The Pink Panther was pretty good, although it had some slow parts. For some reason, my kids are endlessly amused by the whole ‘French weenie’ shtick.

  2. I have to agree with Mr.Z, I took my nephew to see it a little while back and I too thought it was hillarious!! See you tomarrow!! (*smiles*)

  3. We had to beg our 9 yr old to go see Pink Panther with us and at the end, she LOVED it, we all did. She is even begging us to buy it.

    But it sounds like you had a nice semi-quiet evening with Nikkiz *grins*.

    Your posts always leave me with a warm fuzzy feeling, I so heart the zoots!

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