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Women are weird

When I was a kid I used to always get killer headaches. I remember several times wrapping my hair around a bedpost and just leaning forward to try to relieve what felt like “pressure” from my head. Most of the times my Dad would take my head and just rub it until I could fall asleep. When LilZ gets headaches I try to do the same thing but after about five minutes my fingers cramp up and my hands start to hurt. Inevitably I have to stop and try again later. I wonder if my Dad had stronger hands or if I’m just a wuss. Probably a combination of both.

Out of the damn blue last night, my head started hurting. I mean, if-you-make-a-sound-or-turn-on-the-light-I’ll-kill-you type of migraine. Usually, I feel those coming on, but last night? I was nursing NikkiZ, watching some TV, and BAM I couldn’t move I was in so much pain. I thought at one point that I would have given anything for bedposts to wrap my hair around. I took some ibuprofen which, of course, did NOTHING.

The one thing I think I had going for me was that several late nights and early mornings were catching up with me and I was just So. Damn. Tired. I eventually just fell asleep.

I woke up a while later thinking about all the things I didn’t get done last night. Work on the computer, laundry, dishes, etc. I started feeling really guilty and I almost got out of bed to wash dishes. Then I realized that would be KRAZEE, but don’t believe it was an easy fight to give up on. What is it about being a woman (because I know plenty of women who are not moms that get the SAME guilty feelings when they don’t get stuff done) that makes us totally batshit KRAZEE sometimes?

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  1. I hope you feel better. I used to get migraines in high school, usually period related. Nothing works, well, maybe prescription drugs do.

  2. Smack in the middle feeding Alex at 4am this morning, I realized that I have two conflicting appointments next week–one for work, one for family. At first, I felt guilty for neglecting work and making an appointment without consulting the work calendar. Now that I’ve come up with a reasonable compromise and emailed my proposed solution to my coworkers, I feel guilty for letting work interfere with family matters. ARGH.

    We women have to worry about every damned thing because, well, we run the world, you know.

    I hope your headache is better.

  3. Sure hope that migrane is better today. My daughter has them and I know they’re not pleasant.
    I think the female gender feels guilty when we’re not productive because…well, it’s just in our damn genes!

  4. The list is never ending, and the guilt…I have more guilt as a mother/maid than I did as a Catholic. Now, that’s a lot of guilt.

  5. I too suffer from bad migraines and have since middle school. The only thing I have found to work is Excedrin and it does actually work. A doctor told me its the same thing that is in prescription migraine medicine, just a smaller dose. So try that next time although not too late at night since it has a lot of caffiene. I find if I take it after 4 it keeps me up. I hope you are feeling better today & stop letting housework bother you!!! Right now work on getting sleep and taking care of yourself. There will always be time for housework.

  6. Hope your migraine is gone today. Very cute photos! I always love the way a baby look in the seemingly HUGE car seat.


  7. I believe the reason can be explained very simply:
    Women pee sitting down.
    This gives us extra time to think about all we have to do. Examples:
    “Wow, I really need to scrub the bathtub. ”
    “I have so much laundry to do!”
    “Why am I the only person in this house who can replace the toilet paper??”

  8. I hope you’re feeling better today! I’m the same way though. I’ll have had an exhausting day and can’t wait to get in bed, and then I’ll get there and obsess about the dishes I should have put in the dishwasher or the trash I should have taken out. I don’t know what it is about women that makes us that Krazee sometimes, but I think that we all do have our moments.

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