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I hope she comes willingly.

The battle to get NikkiZ to eat solids has been long and painful. After it appeared she hated every solid we tried (except for the peanut butter covered steak bites – she loved those), we decided to stick with cereal mixed with juice until she started eating it. This saved us the stress of wondering if she was spitting things out because she didn’t like the taste, or because she didn’t like solids. We have just sat down with her every night, trying to feed her oatmeal mixed with apple juice. EVERY NIGHT. Some nights? She has let me cram a couple of spoonfulls in her mouth before she clamps her lips shut in protest. Other nights? She spits it all out. Some nights, she does both, because she likes variety.

Whatever her response, we keep trying until she seems REALLY pissed off, and then we stop until the next night. No big deal, really. We figured persistance would pay off in the end.

Well, at the suggestion of her teachers, we sent some cereal yesterday and today to let them try to feed her when they feed some of the other babies. They were hoping the Peer Pressure Effect would inspire her to eat. Yesterday? They got her to eat about 7 small bites. Which was about 6 more than I’ve ever gotten her to eat. And today? SHE ATE ALL OF IT.

I told Ms. Morning, the teacher who got her to eat, that she would now have to move in with our family. She laughed when I said that. I’m guessing she thinks it would be fun to live with us. HA! Fun! That’s why she laughed, right? Because I would hate to think she thought I was joking when I said that.

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  1. Practice makes perfect so hopefully she’ll be eating more soon. It’s hard. Mine at 9 mths still wants #2’s and hates texture. He gags on everything. He’s getting better at it though.

  2. When you try to get her to eat the cereal at night are you feeding it to her while you are eating? My little guy has never had problems eating, but we always make a point to sit down and eat all at the same time (which means I eat a lot of cold food these days). Perhaps watching you eat would spark some interest for her?

  3. THANK YOU for posting this. My kid won’t eat solids much either and I have to admit a part of me was thinking it was my fault somehow because either 1) I am not doing it right or 2) I am not doing it enough. Add the pressure of we didn’t start doing it until he was nearly 6 months (people acted like we were FREAKS waiting so long – why not start him earlier, they would ask.) and I was started to get frustrated. Then, when I DID ask for help from a friend, I got a lecture on the “tongue thrust and maybe it was too early”. CAN’T WIN.

    Peanut butter steak bites? Haven’t tried those YET!

  4. If she is single and the price is right she just might be willing. Keep offering until you come up with an offer she can’t refuse. If that doesn’t work, binding her hands and feet and throwing her in the back of your car might be your best bet. After all, it’s for the well being of your child and isn’t that what really matters?

  5. CONFESSION: I fob off the hard-to-feed food on daycare. I feed Riley the banana goo he loves, then leave the nice daycare ladies to shovel in the vegetables. I hope no one was gunning for that Parenting Of The Year award because that bitch is ALL MINE.

  6. I agree with Dee. We have been sitting down and eating with our son for a long time and he eats so much better when we’re around. He likes the social interaction and also eats very well by himself when we eat at the same time.
    you can also try to mix it up a bit. Change her position at the table or eat at another table. Get her some funny looking plates or cups. Something to make the eating more fun,

    Good luck


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