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What did I just say?

LilZ is at his Middle School (Junior High to some of you) orientation today. MIDDLE SCHOOL. In a few short months my son will be a freakin’ Middle Schooler and whenever I say those words a small part of me dies inside.

I’m not sure what I’m worried about the most. Will he be able to keep up academically? LilZ just started doing well in school this year, I don’t know what the big move will do to that progress. He’s found ways to do his homework without asking me for help, which is probably a smart move on his part since I have absolutely ZERO patience. Especially when it comes to math. My idea of “helping” is repeating the answer over and over again followed by the phrase “How can you not see that this is how to do it?” Which, is really an excellent method for teaching.

(Sarcasm implied.)

What if the work is really hard next year? I’ll either have to learn patience or MrZ will have to become the official homework helper. As it is right now, LilZ has already learned to ask MrZ any questions he has before I get home from work. Smart kid.

What about the GIRLS in middle school? I remember myself in middle school and let’s just say, I don’t want LilZ around anyone who is like I was. I was so boy crazy I could barely think straight. He better stay away from girls like that. I’ve seen the middle school girls walking home with their mature wardrobes (some of those kids dress sexier than I do) and their sparkly makeup and their attitudes and…and…

Nevermind. I’ve just spontaneously combusted.

7 thoughts on “What did I just say?”

  1. (In my best “Saw” voice )- “oh yes..there will be girls…”

    I think it was about middle school age when I was officially out-mathed by my kids. Questions to me about math problems were answered with “You should go in a bit early and tell the teacher you need some extra help…”

  2. Hey, my homework-helping methods are trademarked, STOP STEALING THEM!

    My 13-yr-old is somewhat repulsed by the shallow, giggly girls at his middle school. He always falls for the foreign exchange students, though, go figure.

    My only academic advice is SIGN UP and CHECK RELIGIOUSLY the online grade posting service. I think all of the middle schools in town use it. That way, you eliminate the possibility of report card surprises.

  3. Eeps! Middle school! And my son will go into it in 6th grade instead of 7th and that’s just TOO SOON!

    Yeah, those girls scare me too.

  4. LilZ has a great mom (from what I can tell) – he’s gonna be just fine. 🙂

  5. My daughter will be in 5th grade next year and I am already flipping out. She will NOT, I repeat NOT be one of those girls. I swear the skirts are getting shorter, the boobs are getting bigger and it just makes me feel so OLD!
    In summary – I can relate.

  6. Don’t worry about the difficulty in helping with the homework. My mom was a frickin’ teacher and had no patience with me. Her method of helping was to do my homework for me. =]

  7. I feel your pain with the homework – I got out homeworked tonight – by a 3rd grader doing some sort of pre-geometry that I actually had to look up on-line to even figure out what the instructions meant and I am an accountant egads – I am in trouble with the school portion.

    I so admire your relationship with LilZ – it makes my heart all gooey.

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