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Who needs sleeping pills when you have family reunions.

We spent all day yesterday with my Dad’s side of the family and today? I feel like I’ve been run over by a truck. It’s weird, because all I did was sit around, talk, and eat brownies. You’d think I was chopping down trees or something.

(That’s what the boys were doing while us girls looked at scrapbooks and I ate all the brownies.)

For most of the day NikkiZ and LilZ were the only kids there so NikkiZ got her share of attention, that’s for sure. She was taken out of my hands the second I got there and I only got her back when it was time to feed her or when I needed to bounce her to sleep. It was AWESOME.

We got to catch up with everyone and hear about how all the cousins were doing. My Dad is one of 9 (or is it 10?) kids so there is a huge family. Since he’s the youngest, most of the cousins are older than me so there were grand-kids and great-grand-kids to get the scoop on. Some are traveling the world, some are doing amazing things stateside, and almost everyone sounds like they are super cool and interesting and successful and I said to my dad later, “It must be kinda anticlimactic to talk about me to your family.”

Lucky he has my Ironman running, BMW driving, successful brother to brag about. Otherwise it would be all, “Your son is teaching underprivileged children in remote villages of Central America? Well…my daughter ate TEN donuts for breakfast the other day! In ONE sitting…breaking her previous record of 8.”

We all also continued to suffer from the Allergy Hell of 2006. NikkiZ snotted over every ounce of clothing I wore and I snotted over everything else. My head was hurting so bad at one point I broke down and asked someone for ibuprofen, which I hate doing. But, it was either that or curling up in the fetal position in the corner of the kitchen and crying myself to sleep.

All in all, it went well. We are exhausted today and still oozing snot out of our noses at a record breaking pace. It’s quite a party that you’re missing. If you decide to drop by, bring more Kleenexes. We’ve emptied four boxes and are down to using washcloths and socks.

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  1. I’d be proud if either of children could eat 10 doughnuts in a row! You totally deserve a crown.

    Ok…one question what the hell does “stateside” exactly mean? I have always wondered this

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