I <3 Food

This is why I’m going to start running again

Guess what I ate this weekend?

  • Half of a pizza Friday night. By myself. In my car on the way home from work. And then I threw away the box when I got home to hide the evidence from MrZ.
  • Four giant muffins from the Starbucks bakery. Now, I didn’t eat them all at once, but on four DIFFERENT occasions I found an excuse to get one.
  • SIX Cadbury Creme Eggs. Four in one sitting. I was just so panicked when I realized they were sold out everywhere, I hate to indulge.
  • At least six (probably more) MINI-Cadbury Creme Eggs.
  • About nineteen pounds of casseroles and mashed potatoes at Easter Dinner. You know it’s bad when I went back for seconds but MrZ was TOO FULL.
  • A Giant piece of carrot cake that had a sinful amount of cream cheese icing on top.
  • More pizza after LilZ’s soccer game.
  • About fifty Hershey miniatures.
  • Bertie Botts Every Flavor Beans. I tried Rotten Egg for the first time and MY GOD, that was worse than the vomit flavored ones.
  • Large orders of french fries from random fast food places. TWICE.
  • More cheese crackers than is legal in 46 of the 50 states.

13 thoughts on “This is why I’m going to start running again”

  1. Yeah, I’m hungry now. The most indulgent thing I had this weekend was shrimp scampi, with lots of butter. Mmmm…

    Oh, wait. I had pizza too. But it wasn’t very good so I’m not counting it. I totally want more though. Oh, yeah, and 2 pieces of cheescake. Oh and 2 cinamon rolls. Damn, no wonder the scale hasn’t gone down in a while.

  2. A friend at work pointed me to your site, with the preface of “If you don’t mind salty language”.. and I am disappointed at the lack of salty-ness.

    But, DUDE, that sounds like a glorious weekend. 🙂

    I’ll be back..

  3. LOL! I’ve never heard the term salty language, but if it’s anything like a salty pretzel or a salty margarita… sign me up!

    You weekend of food sounds glorious, except for 2 things. Cadbury MINI eggs are what I prefer, not the creme filled ones…. and the rotten egg jellybean… eww.
    I bought some of those jellybeans for my fiance and when he ate the vomit one, I thought he really was gonna vomit. So I refuse to try any of those.

  4. I’m with you, sista! Not on the actual running part, but on the “whole wanting to get back in shape” idea. I’m getting married in less than a month, and even that hasn’t deterred me from gorging on chocolate, french fries, and other fried goodies. However, my dress fitting this Saturday may change everything.

  5. I gained weight just reading that list! Soooo much yumminess! (Except for the Cadbury eggs…that is thankfully one treat I have never taken a liking to. You can have mine.)

  6. I got stuck in traffic on the way home tonight and realized that the “empty” Wal-Mart sack next to me had Starburst minis in it and I ate SEVERAL of them. I also ran out of time at lunch today because I was at Target and I went to McDonald’s and ordered a bacon cheeseburger, fries and a regular Coke. Yet I continue to whine about the 10 pounds I need to drop.

  7. I’m convinced that when I start running again, I’ll stop craving the crap food. I need my delusions.

  8. I do that! With the pizza box thing. Only with me its usually McDonalds or KFC bags.

    Thank you for making me feel better about what I ate over the weekend :).

  9. You’re my girl! Last week I tried “rotten egg”……figured I’d tried the rest so should try them all.

    BIG FREAKING MISTAKE……a hurried 20 oz. and brushing of teeth later…..I could still taste that MOST HORRIBLE TASTE EVER…and kept finding pieces in my teeth. Uggggggghhhh!

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