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The First Day Of “Training”

LilZ and I just went for our walk/run to train for the upcoming 5K. This is the first excercise I’ve had in about a year. We went 2.25 miles, running about a third of that. I am now officially dead. It’s been nice knowing you.

11 thoughts on “The First Day Of “Training””

  1. that”s right girl. You know you wanna run. I’ll see you on the streets in san diego…or wherever blogher is…

  2. YEA, ZOOT!!!

    Now don’t forget to stretch out afterwards. Don’t want some nasty muscle injury to lay you low for the race. And buy some new running shoes. Not clothing store running shoes, but REAL running shoes from the running store. And get some lycra because that’s cool too.

  3. Go Zoot Go! Look at it this way, you’re already in better shape than me. I’m just impressed you can run with your allergies being so bad. Go you!

  4. Coming out of lurkdom to say “you go girl!” I’m amazed by anyone that makes time to exercise – especially running – because that stuff HURTS. hope you keep it up so you can show off your fabulous toned self in the summertime. 🙂

  5. You go girl! I am telling you sign up for an event then tell everyone you are going to do that event. Then you have to keep up the running. The appetite increase will kick in too so you have to exercise so you can eat more (and for the margaritas!).

  6. That’s exactly how I feel anymore when I exercise! 2.25 miles is alot to do when you haven’t been doing it for awhile! I hope you aren’t sore today!

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