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Six Things.

(1) I was born with my feet kinda pointing the wrong way so I had to wear funny shoes when I was a baby to pull them back the right way. This left me with the ability to point my feet behind me in a way that has been known to make people cry. Mainly my Dad, who would be happy to know I’ve not performed that fancy trick in years.

(2) I am bad about picking up verbal “ticks” from other people. My friend Junkie used to say “Right on…” all the time, and even though it irritated the crap out of me, I did it too. NikkiZ’s afternoon teacher has this great street-slang thing going on that she pulls of well. However, when I say “Boo? Why you be trippin’?” to NikkiZ when she cries? I just sound like a moron.

(3) I slept on the floor of my Dad’s bedroom for a short phase in my childhood (maybe around fourth or fifth grade?) because I had this insane fear someone was going to chop him up in his sleep and that somehow, me being there, would protect him. I know…I’m weird.

(4) I used to wish my name was “Veronica” and that people would call me “Ronnie”

(5) I collected stickers when I was little and I remember my Dad buying me this giant shiney unicorn head sticker (or maybe I bought it with my own money?) for my collection and I still think, to this day, that may have been the most excited I’ve ever been about any purchase in my entire life.

(6) I don’t like Oprah, the person or the show. Please don’t stone me.

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  1. My name is Veronica, but no one has ever called me Ronnie! They call me Vonnie or Von (my parents). My husband started calling me Vee after we started dating and he has my brothers and friends calling me Vee now. I prefer Vee over Vonnie and beg my parents to stop calling me that in public.

  2. (1) The Feet of Twistitude? Freak. Me. OUT.

    (4) My cousin Stacey used to tell me her real name was Anastasia — I guess she thought it sounded cooler — and I was young and dumb so I believed her. Veronica’s a pretty name, though.

    (5) Now I kind of want a giant unicorn sticker. Man, I am such a copycat.

    I am one of those who’ve already done this meme. Feel free to check my entry out; it’s pretty recent.

  3. DAMN! You have to get up pretty early to tag you, li’l missy. I got infected and was planning on passing it on to you, too.

    Also, the scary similarities abound. Right down to the 5th grade period of sleeping on dad’s floor due to wicked mortality fears.

    The pigeon-toed thing, alas, no.

  4. I know a Veronica who calls herself Vicki. Yeah, I know, but it is her name.

  5. I TOTALLY had the shiny unicorn head sticker too! It was one of my most prized stickers in my sticker book (that and the scrath ‘n’ sniff).

  6. awww, I remember when sticker collecting was HUGE!
    We had a sticker store here that only sold stickers and sticker books and such.

    I used to like Oprah a lot but she just irritates me now.

  7. I don’t like Oprah or the show either (I think I’ve seen the show like 10 times in the 20+ years its been on the air) but I LOVE and want to marry the magazine. I’ve subscribed for about 5 years now, and every month I read it cover to cover. It’s good shit.

  8. Oh, and also. I have a Veronica in my first grade class, and lots of her friends call her “Vern.”

  9. (4) I used to wish my name was “Veronica” and that people would call me “Ronnie”

    ME TOO! I swear to you! I always wanted to be called Veronica…Pam’s too boring.

    Also..I don’t like Oprah. TOO HOLIER THAN THOUGH Like when did TALK SHOW HOSTS become god?

  10. I am in shock this morning because I thought I was the only child who suffered with kaddi-wonki feet that pointed the wrong way. I didn’t have specialty shoes to remedy the situation but rather my folks were instructed to put my shoes on the wrong foot so that the shoe would “direct” my feet to go the right way. I guess that’s 1970s medicine for ya.

    Adding to my contorted childhood body, I have double-jointed shoulders that permit my arms to rotate back behind me. Thats nothing much of note, but when my arms go behind, the proximal end of my humerus juts out of my armpit leaving me with bulging pits. The look on people’s faces when this happens is hilarious.

    Thanks for making me feel not so alone this morning!

  11. I died laughing about the sticker collecting thing – I had ALBUMS of them and never tired of going through and sorting them out. I know exactly how you feel about a prized sticker – I loved me some shiny unicorns, too!! I wish my daughters were able to get that same thrill !! However, I am shocked about the Oprah thing – haha

  12. Ronnie, there’s nothing I haven’t told on my blog (that I’m willing to divulge), so I can’t play!

  13. i can not STAND oprah. i’ll watch every once in awhile, especially when she has a decent celebrity guest on, but i can’t take much of her.

  14. Ok, It took me half the morning….ok, all of the morning, but I finially got my 6 things up. ๐Ÿ™‚

    And I don’t like Oprah either, but…and I hate to admit this, but I’m completely and utterly addicted to Martha. Martha Stewart is wonderful. She tie dyed eggs in silk ties yesterday for crying out loud. ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. I thought the same thing about the Archie comic books. Funny thing is I still have a box of them from the 80’s and I still have my old sticker book too. Is that weird? haha

  16. I am still lost on your denouncement of religion. I see the dislike for the organized religion, but I could never give up the relationship I have with God the Father through Christ. We will never be perfect (churches will never be perfect either-too full of people!), that is why we have the blood of the lamb. He is majestic and I love it when he really shows himself-spring and fall!! Walk away from your church if you must-but don’t walk away from God. He is available to you at any church-find the one that fits you best and grow in him, and he will grow in you.

  17. Jeebus loves you, Zoot. Now go eat some candy. Did you buy NikkiZ a frilly lil dress? I still need to buy one for Wacky Girl.

    warm regards from the House of Wacky Heathens (and One Agnostic)

    ps that is too sweet you slept on your Dad’s floor to protect him. Every father should have a daughter who cares for him that much.

    pss I saw a poem at the bus stop once that said “The door to Hell is in your living room (under the carpet) Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha” — the ha ha’s were all in a pyramid, first 3, then 2, then 1. Heh heh.

  18. Why does everyone talk about sticker collecting in the past tense? I mean, just because I’m 32 doesn’t mean I have to stop collecting stickers does it? Please tell me it doesn’t. I love me some stickers.

  19. That’s a pretty cool list, except the feet one. You will freak me out too if you perform that.
    I don’t know what Oprah’s attration is. And I’m glad I’m not the only who dislike her. I think I watched maybe 2 or 3 shows in all her years of hosting, and not even in their entirety. She produced Dr Phil, that’s enough said about her.

  20. I never understood the sticker collection thing. I mean, do you actually stick them on things, so just save them?

    And I don’t like Oprah either. Awesome.

    (I did this meme today also. If you want to check mine out!)

  21. I KNOW, I don’t like Oprah either! And people look at me like I’m so WEIRD! I actually landed on her show once and tried to watch a few minutes of it, but it happened to be a show on being all thrifty and saving money. I just couldn’t get past the fact that she’s an effing BAZILLIONAIRE and probably craps more than I make in a month. Made me bitter all day.

  22. I had a shiny sticker collection, too and I’m glad you hate Oprah. She nauseates me on so many different levels… ick!

  23. I use to collect stickers as well…what memories! And I don’t like Oprah either (ducking quickly to avoid any stones).

  24. Oprah is so, blah. I don’t get everyone’s fascination with her.

    Sticker collecting was the best. The more shiny unicorn stickers, the better.
    I tried scrapbooking just so I could buy stickers. Now I have tons of stickers, but an incomplete scrap book. Adults need a better reason to sticker shop.

  25. I agree wholeheartedly on the Oprah thing. Ugh. And I too, pick up verbal “ticks.” I’ve become one of those people who calls even girls “dude.” I can’t help it. It just comes out.

    I got tagged with this meme too and divulged all my weirdness to the world.

  26. I’m a Veronica who is frequently called Ronnie! I love my name, but you can borrow it.

  27. I’m NOT surprised that you don’t like Oprah. She’s team Aniston.

    You’ll like a woman who made out with her brother, cheats with married men, and wears vials of blood around her neck……..* shakes head * but you don’t like Oprah. I think Oprah can be full of herself at times, but shes’ done a lot for others with her money, she gives back to the community. I admire that greatly.

    I wanted to be named Samantha and be called Sam. I also wanted braces, even though I have perfect teeth. Kids…go figure.

  28. I cannot, cannot picture how one can have “the ability to point my feet behind ” one. I think I need a picture…

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