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Hopefully NikkiZ will read the Babysitter’s Club books…

When we were at MrZ’s parents’ house the other night, LilZ found The Girl With The Silver Eyes on their bookshelves. The title sounded familiar to him, so he showed it to me and I freaked the EFF out. I was all, “OH MY GOD. THAT WAS MY FAVORITE BOOK EVAH.” I kinda had some sort of episode and couldn’t stop talking about how much I loved that book. I do the same thing with all of the Harry Potter books, that’s your warning.

[sidenote: I got an “Exceeds Expectations” and LilZ got an “Acceptable” on the W.O.M.B.A.T. test from JKRowling’s site a few weeks ago. Did you take it? What did you get? Both of those are passing grades which is good considering the test was so DAMN hard.]

He brought it home with us and started reading it. I wasn’t sure if he’d like it because he has tried to read a lot of the books I liked from my childhood and hasn’t really liked many of them. He has only just THIS YEAR finally gotten into the Harry Potter books and just now finished book four. (And you thought all this time my Harry Potter obsession was inspired by LilZ, didn’t you?) But, when I asked him yesterday if he liked it so far? He used his “OH MY GOD” voice and was all “It’s SOOO good, Mom,” and spent the rest of the car ride trying to get me to tell him what happens in it.

Hell No. Read it your damn self, son.

This kind of stuff always takes me back to my Dad talking about the best part of being a parent is living things all over again. I feel like I’m getting to enjoy one of my favorite childhood books for the first time, AGAIN. It’s really an awesome thing and makes the spit-up stained clothes and sleepless nights completely worth it.

Kind of.

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  1. The Girl With the Silver Eyes!!! Oh my gosh, I had forgotten about that book. It was one of my favorite books, too. You and LilZ have great taste in reading!

  2. Ahhhh, that’s too cool. As much as I don’t want the baby years to fly, I can’t wait for Alex to be big enough to enjoy some of the same things the Mr. and I do.

  3. That is so RIGHT ON!! I agree completely – love seeing my kids enjoy the same things – and getting to show them which things are really cool! 🙂 You are such a great Mom!

  4. Oh my god I LOVED THAT BOOK. I owened at least two copies of it between 5th and 7th grade because I read it to PIECES. I LOVED THAT BOOK. I cannot even begin to tell you how much I LOVED THAT BOOK. I have to go to the library RIGHT NOW.

  5. I never thought about it but you are right….thanks! This has to be one of your best posts!!!!

  6. Never heard of that book, but it sounds like something I would have enjoyed as a kid. And, okay, now. So I put it on my wishlist.

  7. I have totally never heard of that book either….but will now put it on the list!

    Hope you are able to catch up on sleep (and laundry?) this weekend….keep the cute pictures coming…we love them here in internetland!

  8. Oh my God! My sixth grade teacher read that book to the class after recess. We LOVED it! And of course, I’ve never seen a copy anywhere else. I think I’m going to have to buy a copy…

  9. My mom and I were just talking about the Babysitters Club books the other day. I was reminiscing about saving up my babysitting money to go to the book store down the street to buy the latest book. That book store sadly closed down last month, but I still have all the books. I hope my kids enjoy them as much as I did.

  10. GREAT post! How exciting to be able to share that with LilZ. I have been buying children’s books for years, because I collect them, but I always had an eye for sharing them with my future children. Now that my kid is HERE, I am a little antsy for him to just read already, dammit.

    As a kid, I was obsessed with Trixie Belden, Nancy Drew and the Little House on the Prairie series. I am not sure I see my son reading THOSE. 🙁

    However, I did like reading Hardy Boys and A Wrinkle in Time, so all is not lost. And of course, now we have Harry Potter!

  11. What other books were your favorites from your childhood? I’ve been collecting my favorites for my son as well, but I realize he may not find some of them as fascinating as I did (i.e., Are you there God, it’s me, Margaret).

  12. I loved The Girl with the Silver Eyes. I still have it actually — I saved a bunch of my kids books when my parents sold their house.

  13. Man, I read that book three times in fourth grade. It led to episodes of me staring very intensely at my pencil for an entire class period. I loved it. I wish I could find a copy now and read it all over again.

  14. I’m totally clueless at JKR’s website. I’m with Sheryl. How the heck do you get to take the test?

  15. OMG, I remember that book. 🙂 SO good. And the Babysitter’s Club books too.

    I got “Acceptable.” At least I passed! I guess I should have studied more. LOL!

  16. I used to read Sweet Valley High books. Wow, talk about taking me back!
    I love Harry Potter too. I can’t get in to take that test though, and that bugs me! What’s with needing a student ID? : /

  17. After trying my hardest to convince E (same age as LilZ) that we really should go see Lion King on Bway, and her shrugging it off as a baby play and that she already saw it when she was 4, she did go (albeit not with me) and came back RAVING about how great it was. Why can’t they just take our word for it and just enjoy it without all the fighting??

  18. I got an acceptable…considering I’ve only read each book one time I thought that was pretty good…lol!

    You’re right, one of the best parts of being a parent is seeing the world through their eyes and reliving things. 🙂

  19. I loved that book, too! I read it over and over, then spent the rest of my life trying move rocks and spoons with my mind.

  20. I LOVE that book. I still have my old copy of it because I REFUSE to give it up. I haven’t thought about it in a while though… thanks for reminding me!

  21. I am totally enjoying reading some old favorites with my 10 yr. old son, too! We are reading James and the Giant Peach right now, and have read Tales of a 4th Grade Nothing, Superfudge, Ramona books, Henry Huggins books, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, etc. etc. it’s so much fun!!!

  22. I LOVED that book when I was growing up. I read it a gajillion times. I’ve been a reader all my life, and sometimes, I get almost nostalgic for books of my pre-teen years.

    Also, yes to the Babysitter’s Club books as well as Sweet Valley High!

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