LilZ’s #1 Fan

NikkiZ is getting quite used to hanging out at the soccer fields in the evenings. She stares at the boys on the fields like she’s determined to find her brother out there. She’ll just sit and play very contently while we watch the games and/or practice.

Is she that content at home when I’m trying to wash clothes? No. How about when I need to blog? HELL no. Soccer. Soccer makes her a low maintenance child. Anywhere else? She needs to be held all the time.

She is cutting tooth #2 this week, which isn’t helping matters at all. She woke up several times last night to eat because she didn’t eat much yesterday. I think teething affects her appetite. That’s the only way to explain why in the hell she ravenously bites my boobs periodically.

Either that? Or she gets a kick out of me trying to say, “No!” in a tone that means business but doesn’t scare her. All while avoiding the strong urge to scream profanities at the top of my lungs.

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  1. Thank may be the cutest baby picture I have *ever* seen! She is a sweetheart (despite the urge to try out her new toothy appendages on mom).

  2. so – even though I previewed before posting I apparently cannot tell the difference between “thank” and “that” – *THAT* may be the cutest….


  3. Make sure to get you some of the Hylands Teething Tablets..well get her some, they probably won’t help your boob much…but…now that I think about it, they might make it where you can tolerate that biting..not that you’d want to…but anyway, they are good for babes with ailing mouths from teeth!

  4. It’s the evening air. I don’t know what they pump into it but it’s got happy baby juice in there somewhere. Try blogging or doing laundry while outside. Of course, doing laundry outside would mean washtub, wringer and clothesline, therefore negating any of the easiness that NikkiZ being happy would have given you.

  5. TS was a biter while BFing too. I finally figured out that she would bite whenever she was cutting a tooth; this turned out to be every month from 4 months on. (She got her first 4 teeth all at once in her 4th month. She was advanced for her age.)

    You’ll get good at realizing when she’s about to chomp down and be able to avoid it better. And if you need any help with “healing” issues email me, I’m still the resident “biting mom” on my local moms’ groups’ lists, unfortunately lots of experience. But my boobs seemed to have survived it ok. (Read: no actual scars. TMI, huh?) Stick w/saying “No” firmly & taking her off. If you start to feel like she’s decided it’s a game, take her off & end the feeding. She’s getting to the age when you may get to experience that one. (You shouldn’t have to do that more then once or twice & she’s big enough, she’ll eat more at the next feeding.) This part does suck, Good Luck!

  6. This makes me want to have another baby so bad – my girls are 7 1/2 and 9 (in 2 wks) and they want a little sibling to do fun things with. In fact, my oldest had to go with me when I got my first ever mammogram last week and she was reading the paperwork as I was filling it out and when I got the ? about if I was pregnant and answered No, she looked at me with her big blue eyes and said, I really wish that answer was yes.

    I think there is a little part of me that would like to have a baby – but a bigger part says that would be crazy!

    I will just have to live vicariously through Lilz and Nikkiz – so keep the great brother and sister stories coming – please!

  7. Miss Zooty, I bet LilZ is glad he’s got his lil sis “cheering” him on, NikkiZ is oh okay I’ll say it “So darn cute” I just wanna come over and give her a hug, but Im like that, all heart me. I remember when nephew was cutting teeth, i didn’t have to suffer much of it but I feel your pain, I can’t comment any further for obvious reasons….

  8. Oh my God…she’s soooo adorable! I want to chew on her toes. (Please take that in the least creepy way possible!)

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