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Torturing our daughter to celebrate Jesus’ resurrection.

We took LilZ and NikkiZ to see the Easter Bunny yesterday. LilZ volunteered to hold his sister for the picture since we figured she was probably old enough to see the Easter Bunny and be scared to death. However, she slept on the way to the mall so it ended up that she had just woken up when we pretty much immediately sat her with the Easter Bunny. The picture has her with an expression on her face that says something like WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON? I go to sleep and wake up in the lap of a giant fuzzy rabbit wearing a green vest. SAVE ME.

We tried to take some better pictures away from the bunny, as you can see above, but her look still shows utmost confusion and we didn’t want to just wait for one of her pretty smiles since it seemed the more pictures we took, the more freaked out her smiles got. Also? Whoever designed the dress she is wearing (which LilZ picked out for her) is a crackhead since the inside of it has a layer of really scratched lace type stuff (I know my dress lingo – can’t you tell?) and it was obvious she HATED it. First you shove me in the lap of a animal with severe style issues, and then you put me in a dress that has an inner layer of sandpaper? WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE?

Let’s just say the whole Easter excursion wasn’t one of NikkiZ’s favorites.

12 thoughts on “Torturing our daughter to celebrate Jesus’ resurrection.”

  1. What an adorable picture! They are such beautiful children. Even though NikkiZ does look a tad confused.

  2. she is adorable though and I know people tell you that alot..but I’m telling you that lilz is absolutely a cutie pie too,he’s gonna get all the lie!

  3. It’s too bad the dress was scratchy, and was obviously not made for humans. Because it is cute. Who needs smiling in a picture anyway? Capture life!

  4. Crinoline…Do they still make that stuff? I absolutely HATED that SH*T…and yes, its dreadfully uncomfortable. Goodness theyy’re beautiful..I have got to come and see them

  5. Cute dress! That is the Easter dress that I got for my one year old. I had to get the dress, cardigan, hat, socks and tights in case it is cold! : )

  6. I can’t get over how precious he is with her and how amazing they are together. Does she ever drive him crazy? Does he ever make her mad? Are they both beautiful all day long and one fans you with a palm leaf while the other offers you herbal tea?

  7. I love her expression and I think you captured it dead on and what a great big brother he is. I am with Ashley – have they gotten on each others nerves yet???

    My oldest (who will be 9 in a couple of weeks)is scared to death of those costumes and informed me yesterday as we were heading to the mall that she only liked them when they were in cages. I made sure she knew that there are actual people in them and it made no difference – cage em up so I can so shopping already!

  8. You could buy a frilly (not itchy) slip for NikkiZ to wear under the dress… then the tulle wouldn’t scratch so much. This kind of reminded me of the post about breast feeding and her waking up and being all surprised to see you. Guess you got her good this time!

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