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Look at the girl with the daisy-dukes on.

Guess who started sitting up all by themselves this week? LilZ! He’s such an advanced 11-year-old. Hee. Kidding, obviously. NikkiZ started sitting up. She sat for a good three minutes today before she fell on her face. Whether or not I laughed when she fell is not something I feel at liberty to discuss. We are pretty impressed with her, I have to admit. She’s the first one her age in her class to start sitting up, so we’re hoping to get her started on Shakespeare in the next few weeks, since she’s showing such signs of genius.

However, we ‘ve decided we’ll wait until she’s potty trained before we introduce her to quantum mechanics. We don’t want her growing up too fast.

22 thoughts on “Look at the girl with the daisy-dukes on.”

  1. Very cute photo. Since she’s advancing at his rapid pace, have you considered looking at an apartment for her? She’ll be out of the house right after being potty trained.

    Nice weekend


  2. I am seriously jealous at how advanced that little lady is. My son is four whole days older than NikkiZ and every time he sits up, he ends up folding himself in half. Also, he has not cut a tooth yet. It’s true that girls develop faster than boys.

  3. OH MY GAWD she’s adorable! *lol* and she’s got that..”yeah THATS right look what i can do!” smirk on her face…she is one freaking beautiful baby!
    oh and as a side note…lemme know how you feel about those daisy dukes when she’s 14! *lol* its cute now…but lemme tell ya…not so cute when they’re older! *lol*

  4. eh, it’s never too early to bring on quantum mechanics. We ran into one of those hard baby book versions of ‘A Brief History of Tme’ and the 17 mo. old adores it.

    Yay for sitting up! I remember those milestones. kinda

  5. She is seriously so sweet. She is such a pretty baby! I’m so glad my baby can sit and play by herself for a little bit now with some toys. It’s the start of independence!

  6. OMG, I love her!!! My little niece is such a genius, and I’m missing it all….. 🙁

  7. She is a genius, and good looks too. What a lucky girl! And those feet are to die for, no wonder she’s obsessed with them.

  8. She is growing WAY too fast! It hasn’t been that long since I was here….and she’s sitting up already?
    And God, she only continues to get more beautiful! What a gorgeous daughter you have.

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