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Introducing: Bankey Bear

We bought this toy when NikkiZ started teething. It’s a bear head attacked to a small soft blanket and it was very easy for her to hold (before she could hold toys). Since she loved to chew on cloth (like her shirt or her bib) – we thought this was perfect. We sent it to daycare with her just in case, but haven’t really thought much about it. While I was reading No Cry Sleep Solution they suggested keeping a “lovey” near you when you nurse your baby so that when you’re gone, they’ll have something that comforts them like you do. The theory is that when they wake up at night and are not nursing (what they consider soothing) the “lovey” will soothe them enough to help them get back to sleep on their own.

I thought, well, we already have a toy we could use as that, so I told the daycare teachers about this concept. They looked at me like I was on CRACK. They were all “Huh?” Turns out? They can NOT get her to sleep without the damn bear at school! I just kinda sent it because they don’t have anything like that for her to chew on, not realizing she’s actually ATTACHED to it. They were TOTALLY shocked that I can get her to sleep without it. They said she’ll fuss and fuss while they rock her, but the second they give her Bankey Bear? She’ll cuddle with it and start to nod off.

I was all, “Huh?” My daughter has developed a “lovey” attachment on her own and I didn’t even know it. This explains why the few times I’ve forgotten Bankey Bear, her teachers seemed stressed. I thought they were just being silly, playing with the idea that an infant could have a favorite toy. Who knew? I told NIkkiZ she needs to let me in on these decisions so I’m not the last to know.

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  1. Ruthie did this, now age 2, still loves hers! May I suggest going a getting about 5 of these things and putting them back for when you can’t find the bear or washing it! Trust me, you will thank me later, lol!

  2. I can’t believe you leave that precious baby with a “teacher”…. SAD!

  3. My first nephew had a stuffed dog, actually 5 of them. That way there’s was always one whereever he went. He wouldn’t sleep anywhere without it!

    NikkiZ looks adorable in that pic.

  4. As I am sure you are already aware, this is only the first of many decisions that cute litle angel will make that you will be the last to know about ๐Ÿ˜‰

  5. i have nothing to say about the actual entry, i just wanted to say that she looks super cute in that hat.

  6. Go track down that anonymous commenter! Rude people suck! Leave your baby whereever you want. Only you can judge fairly where she belongs.

  7. We have the Dr. Seuss dog going on in our house (aka “Puppy). The bad thing is that this is a dog I bought years ago, so I can’t stock up now! DAMMIT. So, do you hold the Bankey Bear with you WHILE you nurse? I haven’t tried that with Puppy – he usually stays in the crib. Maybe I should actually be holding Puppy while I nurse my son for maximum Lovey Effectiveness??

    Also, at the risk of a Drive-By Assvicing, I’d like to offer up my sister’s method of handling Loveys – only if you are concerned about your daughter wanting to take it everywhere, that is…… My sister only allows them for actual sleeping so they have to stay in bed (she relaxes for special situations like illness and grandma sleepovers). So, when my nephew would get up in the morning, he could tuck in his Lovey, say night-night, then come down for breakfast. It helped to keep him from wanting to take it everywhere – like to the grocery store etc. Of course, some parents don’t mind taking Loveys everywhere and that’s fine too. Anyway, I thought that was a pretty cool idea, but of course, I am not an experienced parent like you are. Don’t mind me…… ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. Okay, I guess the parenting books are *occasionally* good for something besides kindling. Seriously though, even if it sounds anal, you should buy a few extras. You know babies and their habit of projectile pooping on everything in a 25-yard radius. (get it, anal? hehhehhehheh)

  9. We’ve got a blanket that has been invaluable at times. Our two year old son still uses it for naps and at night. But the attachment is not as strong as before. A year ago he wanted it constantly.

    We were always scared about losing it so we split it in half. Do you have a “backup bear” handy? If not it could be a good idea to get one…..

    Have a nice weekend


  10. My boy is getting attached to the SAME item. He chews on the bear ear and pets the blankey and just drifts into the snoozeworld. I fear it will line his briefcase when he’s 35.

  11. awe, sweetness. Matthias has a (bleck) Tigger blanky he likes to cuddle with. (can you tell I am not a Pooh fan?) BTW, are you guys at a soccer game?

  12. HEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHE. Kinda reminds me when they send this diaper home with you one time and asked me why the hell I kept sending it. You hadn’t had an accident in forever….You did at home during the night so I sent one for them to put on you during your nap…You didn’t bother to share that little victory with me……………

  13. Don’t be alarmed! I just wanted you to know that I’m leaving right now to come steal your child.

    Especially since you’re not bringing her to me tomorrow… : (

  14. I love Nikkiz’s expression in that pic. It’s like “don’t mess with my teddy bear lovey. It’s mine, all mine…”

  15. Can you tell us who anonymous is so we can kick their ass?
    Yeah, in a perfect world, you could play with Nikki all day, but then you might also lose your mind. ๐Ÿ˜‰ She’s a beautiful girl, and I think you’re a great Mum.

  16. My son has the exact same bear. It’s pink and he’s in love with it. It’s the only thing that will calm him down if I’m not there. Too funny that she picked a lovey before you!!

  17. My sister wants my future child to have one of those haha. She decided that my future babies needed to have a (wubby).

  18. My sister sent me the link to your site. Your daughter and mine are very close in age and we seem to be going through the same things.
    We’re really having an ordeal with sleeping issues and there have been times when I have tried to get my girl to get attached to a lovey, but to no avail. Consider yourself lucky that she has such a comforting object (other than you, of course).
    I really enjoyed your site and I will be back, probably to elicit more advice!

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