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Survival of the fittest of the species.

NikkiZ has discovered the many animals in our house. Some of them are happy about that, some are irritated, most are unfazed. She has started reaching for them and “petting” them when she can, but we are very nervous since she has also started grabbing and pulling at other things NOT attached to animals with claws. When she nurses she likes to play with my hair which I think is oh-so-sweet until “SHIT!” she pulls at it and laughs. Then I take her off the boob and sell her to the gypsies wandering the streets.

Okay. Maybe not. But I totally would if we did have gypsies wandering the streets. As it is, there is only a stray terrier and he didn’t want her.

9 thoughts on “Survival of the fittest of the species.”

  1. Yeah, and don’t let anyone fool you into thinking shaving her head will make her hair grow back thicker. My mom didn’t buy it, and my hair’s thick like Carnie Wilson. That’s complete BS.

    But you’re , like genius-level smart, and probably already totally knew that. 😉

  2. My Romanian friends looked at me in complete disbelief when I told them the “gonna sell you to the gypsies” is a common way to tease children here in the US. Apparently, that is also a common “threat” in Romania, too and they were very amused that it had crossed stateside – they thought it had only applied to Romania, where gypsies are actually from. 🙂

    I am jealous you already have dogs! We have cats, but frankly, cats are a different pet and dogs are more fun for kids. We have wanted a dog for years now, but thought we would wait. Now of course, our baby LOVES dogs so we are going through the whole “should we? shouldn’t we?” debate right now.

  3. My cat hates my son. She is very good about not scratching him when he hugs (attacks) her, but it scares us just the same. Now that he is completely mobile she has started hiding in our room and only coming out during nap time. He still loves her all the same though and always squeals when he sees her.

  4. My parents’ cat is really good w/ our daughter. She doesnt do anything when my 18-month pulling on her various body parts. Now she runs away whenever she hears my daughter coming. Poor kitty.

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