Things that pissed me off this weekend that I’m totally blaming on the time change.

  • My laptop. My god, the laptop was possessed by spirits of Satan this weekend and kept me from accomplishing ANYTHING since my graphic programs were the ones screwing with me the most. I uninstalled and reinstalled nine million times this weekend. I finally got both of them working yesterday – but the kicker? Now I have to undo and redo everything ELSE on my laptop.
  • NIkkiZ decided that mode: WHINE was going to be her primary operation setting this weekend. It would start out as a cute happy squeal but morph into high decibal whine in exactly 1.7 seconds. The accompanying look was one of sheer annoyance and agony.
  • LilZ’s grades were not as good as they should have been and lectures and punishments had to be distributed in daunting amounts. That’s all I’ll say about that.
  • I had to castrate some new comment spammers this weekend.
  • My diet. What diet? I don’t know. There was a diet somewhere that I was almost done with as my goal weight was in sight. HOWEVER – the stress and anxiety from the weekend caused me to binge eat as a coping mechanism. 7 bagels for breakfast, anyone? Update from 2020: I don’t talk to myself like this anymore. I’ve very anti-diet culture now and this talk STRESSES ME OUT. Jeezus, past Kim wasted too much time thinking about her weight.
  • The exhaustion. OH MY GOD, I’m so tired. The amount of sleep I got this weekend did not equal the amount of sleep I needed to function properly today. NikkiZ woke up at 5:30am both Saturday and Sunday. I was so tired I actually took a nap yesterday. I was so tired that when the alarm went off this morning I thought “NikkiZ is actually STILL SLEEPING, there is no way in hell I’m getting up yet.” I ended up getting out of bed 20 minutes before I walked out the front door.

8 thoughts on “Things that pissed me off this weekend that I’m totally blaming on the time change.”

  1. Eek…sounds like a rough weekend. I hope that today is spectacular to make up for it all. (7 bagels for breakfast sounds like heaven to me. Mmm….bagels.)

  2. girl, I’ve been writing about emotions and eating/sleeping or other bad habits…you better come give me a read and some comments so you and I both can function properly! bahahaha

  3. Oh I can relate, fellow stress eater. I too have fallen so low. Try eating chocolate chips out of the bag because I was too tired to make the cookies!

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