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Laundry Room Makeover

Do you see? Do you see what MrZ did this weekend? He redid our laundry room. Pretty rockin’ – huh? He picked the color (I’m not a big fan of yellow – but I think it looks great in a laundry room) and he hung up the cabinets. He’s been talking about doing it for awhile and all of the sudden, in less than 24 hours, its done! (Of course he had a little help from his brother) It looks nine million times better. It even makes laundry kinda fun now.

(But not really)

20 thoughts on “Laundry Room Makeover”

  1. That’s wonderful! Our laundry room was a golden yellow and it make the space so much cheerier.

  2. I don’t even want to show you pictures of my laundry room. I found myself lusting after your husband’s handyman-ness just now. And, for the record, I heart yellow. The baby’s nursery is yellow as is our hall bathroom. It’s one of those tricky paint colors, for sure, though.

  3. Everything looks great! My parents have a thing for yellow….I never did. But it definitely brightens up a place that you would rather not be!

  4. i’m lusting after your laundry room. I’m emailing my husband a link to this site RIGHT NOW! Mine looks like your before pic.

    You ROCK! 🙂 Way to go Mr. Z!

  5. It’s so pretty! I can’t wait until I have a house of my very own and can do fun things with the decor. But I’m currently damned to apartment living with white walls and beige carpet.

  6. he did a rockin good job there!!!!! I love the color too, great for a laundry room.

  7. Here’s some assvice from an old fart (me). Take some old towels or rags and put them under your laundry soap/bleach/chemicals. Then when you have some goop run down the side of the bottle, it gets on the towel and not on the shelves of your nice, new cabinets!

  8. Seriously, where do you pick up one of those? Are they wandering around Super Target, cause I’m totally devoting a lot of time there?

    I NEED a MrZ!

  9. Oh, I wanted a yellow room in our last house so bad. But wasn’t able to acutally bring myself to painting a kitchen yellow. So I did the laundry room in yellow and loved it. Maybe because it looks so good next to the whilte washer/dryer?

    Anyway, your laundry room looks great. And all hail to MrZ.

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