This is what I get for trying to look like a girl.

I’ve mentioned before that NIkkiZ’s classroom has a No Shoe policy to avoid people tracking it stuff from the outside that the babies could then place in their mouths. Between that and the fact that they only have one rocking chair in the room, my frequent visits there during the day have kept me sock footed and wearing pants for maximum ease for kicking shoes off and sitting on the floor to nurse.

Today though? It’s hot and springy and sunny and just too damn pretty to wear pants with socks and shoes. So, I’m wearing a skirt. I have not worn a skirt in almost three months, but I’m wearing one today. I feel very weird and just not myself, its been so long since I had to worry about trying not to flash anyone. Sitting ladylike? What’s that?

Of course, as my luck would have it, I go to feed NikkiZ the last two times and her classroom has been outside enjoying the weather. So, I’ve found myself hiking up my skirt and sitting in the grass to feed her both times. Granted, I could have just taken her inside to feed her, but that felt awful silly since her class and her teachers were all outside. Now? I have grass-stains on my ass. And I think I may have flashed a bunch of toddlers while sitting down. And maybe? I got black smudges on my skirt from scooting across the tar based material under the shade awning.

This is what I get for actually living my banner. “Pretending I’m a girly-girl.” Whatever. I should make the next one: “Failing miserably at being a girly-girl and damning my daughter to a lifetime embarassment by having an oaf as a mother.”

7 thoughts on “This is what I get for trying to look like a girl.”

  1. My mom is nowhere near a girly-girl, I am a complete girly-girl, and I think that she is wonderful. She won’t be embarrassed, I promise. It just means that she has a good role model.

  2. I have a toddler & she’s constantly flashing me–even when she doesn’t have a skirt or dress on. I can hardly wait till she learns about Mardi Gras. Anyway, I doubt if the toddler set noticed if you flashed them.

    My husband would tell me that grass stains on my ass were sexy, and yours should too. 😉

  3. I can’t get over the fact that it’s so nice and warm there.

    This is me being very, very jealous.

    I need the sun!

  4. girlfriend, dresses suck, I swear, I ‘d rather wear cordoroy in July in Alabama as wear a dress or skirt…damn them grassstains, lol

    hey I got a poll up, go see if you don’t care and you have a minute….

  5. Nursing the baby outside in the grass in a pretty little skirt sounds so sweet and hippie-girlish. You’d fit right in here in Oregon.

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