Thing 2

Take my strong leg.

NikkiZ got herself kind twisted in her jammies the other night. MrZ was holding her when he noticed and he started immediately laughing. He pointed it out to LilZ and I and we both almost peed we were laughing so hard. NikkiZ? Was not laughing. As a matter of fact…when I grabbed the camera and started taking pictures, we got laughing so loud that she got scared and might have started crying. might. And then I might have instructed MrZ to lift her faux leg up for one last picture before we tended to the crying baby.

(Four trillion dollars to the person who knows where the title comes from. MrZ and his brother are not allowed to compete.)

(I don’t really have four trillion dollars.)

(Does anyone? If so – can I borrow ten bucks?)

16 thoughts on “Take my strong leg.”

  1. HIlarious! Babies pretty much eliminate the need for an entertainment budget, I’ve found. Thanks for the giggle to start my day!

  2. Wow, NikkiZ looks like the most flexible baby in the world! She is destined to become a yoga instructor. 😉

  3. Scary Movie – but Jessica already beat me to it.

    The cuteness makes the staying up all night so worth it, doesn’t it? (Except at 3 in the morning, then I’m swearing I DON’T CARE HOW CUTE YOU ARE, MISTER, YOU GO TO SLEEP OR I QUIT!!)

  4. I had to stare at the pictures for a few minutes…I thought she was really flexible…then I read the post and laughed at the picture and then myself for being so silly.

  5. Bwaaa-haa-haaaa! That’s hilarious. I thought MrZ might have been getting her ready for cheerleading tryouts or something. That is, until I read what had happened and it made me laugh even more. Too cute.

  6. I was drinking my first cup of coffee while reading this, thinking, damn babies sure are flexible, that can’t be good for her hips. Then the caffine kicked in. Your girl’s quite a restless sleeper!

  7. She’s adorable! But you knew that. But I had to say it anway…gah, bursting ovaries!!

  8. I’ve thought of posting an equally embarrassing yet hilarious picture of my daughter, but am very very afraid to do so for fear that she may have to change MY diapers someday.

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