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LilZ and I have had a good day together. We really enjoyed our spa visit and I am thinking he may now use his charlie horses/growing pains he gets in his legs as an excuse to go back for another hot stone foot/calf massage. I told him, “When I got leg cramps growing up, I soaked my leg in hot water. From a paint bucket. Suck it up.” And then I told him about walking to school uphill in the snow, barefoot. But for today? It was awesome.

Although – I did want to smack the girl who walked into the room and said “Did someone choose number 9?” with a look on her face like she was smelling shit. Twelve day old rotting in the sun shit. I mean – she looked DISGUSTED. And who chose number nine? ME. And did it smell like shit? No. It smelled like patchouli. The ex-hippy in me couldnt resist. She should come visit our house. Between cat litter and dirty diapers, I could show her smells that deserve that look much more than hippy-smelling foot soak.

6 thoughts on “Ahhhhh…”

  1. What a fun mother/son day. I’m going to school for Esthetics and just gave my hubby a facial&massage the other day. Foot treatments are next on my list. Way to teach him earlt that REAL MEN can enjoy beauty treatments!!

  2. Do you even KNOW what is paused on my TIVO right now? That’s right… The ol’ Disney Channel caught me with High School Musical. You know I never would have stopped to watch except for you. I take perverse pleasure in the fact that my husband is snoring next to me. *smirk*
    Somehow I feel like I tricked him into watching a chick flick. Is that evil?

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