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And then there were two. Again.

LilZ comes back home to me tomorrow, after what feels like FOREVER. I miss him terribly and can’t wait for him to come home. I had a picture of he and I printed this weekend and I have it on my desk. I keep looking at it and thinking, “Holy shit hell crap. He’s almost as tall as I am.”

LilZ and I are still very close, but this year, I can see him rapidly maturing to the point where he does not need me as much anymore. Unfortunately for him – I still need LilZ so he’ll have to just learn to suck it up and love his mother FOREVER, DAMMIT.


20 thoughts on “And then there were two. Again.”

  1. WOW. LilZ has like doubled in size since i started reading your blog! He must have had some massive growth spurt – he doesn’t look all cute little boy anymore, he really has that almost-teen thing happening. How sad! How wonderful! He’s a cutey – NikkiZ better watch out for him!

  2. holy cow – I have a boy who will be 11 on Sunday, and LilZ looks like he is 15 compared to mine!! So cute – so grown up! That is a wonderful photo of all of you!! you look great! 😉 I bet MrZ adores that one!

  3. Look at that hot skinny momma! And lilz’s hair is looking good now that it’s taking on more of a long haired form and less of an i need a haircut transition phase… oh yeah and that baby thing you’re holding is kinda cute too.

  4. I have a couple of small brothers, 12 and 14. The poofy hair thing cracks me up. Where did it come from? And nice to see it’s a country-wide phenomenon!
    I know the preppy thing was in when I was in school 10 years ago, and now grunge is back? Too funny – at least we’re not back to the ’80s!

  5. Gosh, LilZ looks TOTALLY different since I the last pic I saw of him. He’s really growing up (sorry, I didin’t mean to make you cry).

  6. Duuuuuuude. The longer hair is making him look like such a manling. I can’t stand it. How do we make our kids stop growing???

  7. Uh, did I not just see you guys last month? Well, what the freak happened to your son in ONE FRIGGIN month?? Who is that in the pic w/ you and wee one??

    I am SERIOUSLY in shock.


  8. He’s becoming quite the handsome young man…wow, they grow up fast!!

    How tall are you, by the way? I tower over most all of my friends, so I’m curious. 🙂

  9. not only do you have a beautiful family but your have yet again color coordinated your picture to your site. good job.

  10. I was going to say, the hair is HOTT. Are you sure you ain’t beating the little girls off with a stick?

  11. Did you just clone yourself and claim that they have fathers? They look just. like. you. And you’re all so damn cute!

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