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LilZ shoud be on his way home from Williamsburg, VA as we speak. I say “should” because I don’t know for sure since he HASN’T CALLED ME YET TODAY. Since he usually calls me two or three times by now, I’m assuming he’s having too much fun to think about touching base with his mother in which case he is totally grounded and never allowed out AGAIN.




I’ve missed him terribly, but I know he has had the time of his life this week. I remember my first big trip sans parents and how I dreamt about it for months before and didn’t want it to end it was so much fun. I can’t wait to hear his stories and see his pictures (hopefully he took better pictures with the camera than he did with the cell phone). Unfortunately, I’ll pick him up from the trip and then immediately drive 45 minutes to take him to see his Dad. Then, I wont see him again until Sunday when I get him from his Dad but THEN he’s going to leave Monday to spend two days with his NaNa.

LilZ gets NO LOVE. Can you tell?

I’ll finally get him back for more than 24 hours on Thursday. At which time he’ll probably have lost the excitement and forgotten all of the good stories from his Williamsburg trip. He’ll be like, “It was fun. Whatever.”

Pre-teens. They just aren’t that into you.

5 thoughts on “Tweens.”

  1. Awe, poor you not getting to spend time with him for like two weeks! I know you are about to go crazy without him and I’m sorry. At least now you have NikiZ to keep you somewhat occupied. (Not that that makes you miss LilZ any less.)

  2. Heh, tell me about it. I’m lucky if I get a grunt out of K these days whenI ask him how is day was. And lately? He’s taken to spending hours on the computer, IM’ing GIRLS. Help me.

  3. Hey, you’ll have the car ride to his dad’s for him to tell you all about it. Just getting home he should still be super excited. Try to get all the details you can during the trip.

  4. You could always give him a journal so he can write down all his impressions so that he won’t forget them and then you could ‘borrow’ it.

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