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Cell phones are beautiful things.

LilZ is at that age where some of his friends have cell phones. Not many, but enough that he has hinted wanting one to me. I am not against him having a cell phone, in theory, but it would only be a way for me to keep up with him. Since he’s not old enough to drive, he doesnt do much without me (or school) so, why bother. He knows he’ll get one when I feel like I need that security, and when he does, it will be one of the rules that he MUST answer it whenever I call. And he’s not allowed to roll his eyes when he sees it’s me calling. And I’ll know he’s doing it, dammit, so don’t even try.

(Where was I?)

I gave him my cell phone for the trip so he could touch base with me without calling collect from the hotel. However, the rule was he HAD to call me every night before he went to bed. If he didnt wan to deal with that? He didn’t need to take the phone. He decided to take it and, I am not lying, he has called me an average of eight times a day. He either calls because A) He’s SOOOOO bored. Usually waiting on the bus, or for meals. or B) To tell me something exciting they just did or saw. Its been really cool to hear from him so often. I know that, one of these days, I’m not going to be the one he calls when exciting stuff happens, but for now? I’ll just appreciate it.

Of course, last night he called pretending he was “Wanda Phalange” and then someone else got on the line who was his “Assistant” and it turns out (after I deciphered the words through all the giggling) that it was all part of a Dare from Truth or Dare. Once I recovered from my heart attack at the thought of LilZ playing Truth or Dare with some GIRLS, I had a revelation. I am officially a Grown Up because prank-calling me was a Dare someone had to do to avoid a Truth. I feel as though I’ve been annointed. Now, I just need someone to roll my yard.

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  1. HI Zoot!
    Hope alll is well, in Canada there are a few companies that make kid’s cell phones. These cell phones do not have any numbers on them, per se, and must be programmed in advance. So, you program your number, a few friend’s numbers, etc…and that’s it….anyway, if they have them HERE (in nowhereland) they SURELY have them down South. Just thought I would pass along that info in case you weren’t aware (I thought they were way cool and totally wanted one…not kidding)

  2. I lurve LilZ, and that you too are so close! I hope my kids like me as much when they’re his age! 🙂

  3. okay. I’m an idiot. I don’t know what it means to ‘roll a yard’. Could someone fill me in.

  4. Do you ever consider getting LilZ a Migo (if you have Verizon, the others have a similar service, I just don’t know what they are called)?

    A Migo is a “kids” cell phone, where there are only 4 Preprogrammed phone number buttons, and it can only receive calls from numbers you designate.

    Might be just the middle ground until he is “grown up” enough for his own real cell phone.

  5. We just bought the kids a pre-paid phone. Not because they NEED one, but for times when I need to drop one of them somewhere and won’t be there. I may be overprotective, but when my kid is at practice and I can’t be there I want them to have their own way to contact me and not rely on another adult to make a call. Far too many times kids have come to me looking for a way to make a call (I obviously always oblige) because there is no payphone and the coach has no phone….

  6. My husband has a prepaid phone. My daughter has a phone that my parents bought her and pay for.

    I HATE cell phones with a passion. I do not and will not carry one.

    The end. 🙂

  7. I knew when you said “roll” that about half your readers would have no clue what you were talking about.
    Me being a fellow southerner, I get it. And I’ll say, I’m sure that is RIGHT around the corner. Fun stuff!!!!! The question is, will you be one of the moms that takes the kids rolling? I could totally see that.

  8. My daughter is 20 and has had a cell phone for some time, and is well aware of the “if it’s me you better answer” rule. We just got our 18 year old son a phone however, and I neglected to explain the rule to him (my fault, but isn’t it common sense?). After he was out and about for about 6 hours without answering, I was livid when he got home. There *will* be no further transgressions, I am sure. lol

  9. That is so cute. I still want to call my mom every time I see something neat or do something exciting (like my Venice trip, take a look at the photos…hint hint) but then I realize it will cost me at least 50 euro cents a minute to do that. Or I’d have to find a land line and use a calling card that is a total pain in the ass.

  10. Yeah, my daughter was a spit up machine. Turns out 1. She had a mild case of lactose intolerance and 2. Motion Sickness.

    Both of which she eventually outgrew, but my clothes, car, etc were in a permanent state of “stained”

  11. Heh. Lucinda wants her own phone now. She just turned seven. We’re inclined to do it, since it’s something she needs to learn about sooner or later.

  12. What age is a good age to get a kid a phone? I’ve been wondering this lately – my daughter is 5 (going on 13) and sometimes asks to use my phone to call either her dad or her friends. She seems WAY too young for this, but what IS a good age??

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