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She’s Like Her Mama

NikkiZ has been totally frustrated with the whole “cutting teeth” process. When MrZ puts her on his shoulders? She immediately grabs his hair and put her face to his scalp and starts chewing on his head. She grabs fingers, clothing, and sometimes animals, and immediately starts chewing on them. She loves a couple of her toys, but that tends to frustrate her because she’s not that great at holding onto them. She likes things attached to the person holding her, that way they stay put.

(We are not discussing the effect this has on my boobs.)

A few weeks ago, we froze some of her water-filled toys, thinking that would soothe her gums. When we gave her one of the frozen toys to put in her mouth she HATED it. And hated may be an understatement. She may have considered it torture by her reaction.

Well, it seems that she may have changed her mind about cold things on her gums. You can not even imagine how much she loved gumming that cold bottle. When MrZ took it away? She did the best she could to try to grab it back. She LOVED it. So, we came home and stuck some of her toys in the freezer again. We’ll see if she likes them tonight. Of course, maybe it’s not the cold that soothes her. Maybe she’s like her daddy and just wants whats inside.

We knew she’d take a bottle eventually.

5 thoughts on “She’s Like Her Mama”

  1. Teething is the pits isn’t it. And then the poor things drool on top of that. It can’t be comfortable. My youngest one liked to gnaw on a cold washcloth that we had put in the refridgerator. We bought all these teething toys and she preferred the wash cloth. Go figure. Good luck!!

  2. Poor baby.
    As much as that is a cutsie poo picture…it HURTS my teeth just looking at it. It makes all the hairs on my arms stick up (not that my arms are hairy…more FUZZY I would say) with the thought of the sound teeth make scraping across that bottle.

  3. Try the refridgerator. My daughter didn’t like them frozen, but loved them cold from the fridge!

    She’s just beautiful, by the way!

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