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So…tired…must receive caffeine drip…

Last night was talent show at LilZ’s school and it was really cute. LilZ’s group was my favorite (of course), they did a GREAT job and LilZ didn’t even look too nervous. They remembered all of their dance moves and looked like they had a GREAT time. Here he is in his costume.

I also loved the two teacher groups. One did the “Cha Cha Slide”. If you don’t have a kid between 6-17, you may not know that one, it’s a cross between the hokey pokey (it is done at the skating rink) and the Electric Slide (it is like a line dance) and all of the teachers did it and it was GREAT. Another group did the Electric slide and it was a bit long, but still! Teachers! Doing the electric slide! AWESOME.

Of course, there were also SEVERAL re-enactments of songs from High School Musical. And yes, I will stand here before you and say that I did, in fact, see my husband mouthing the words along with the performances. And my sister-in-law and I? Continued one of the songs after the performance stopped. THAT is how many times we’ve seen the movie. WE KNOW ALL OF THE SONGS BY HEART.

So, I left the house at 6:08am yesterday morning, came home for about 10 minutes after 5pm and didn’t get BACK home until after 8pm. I am worn-the-hell-out. I slept late (oops) and am taking time writing this instead of guzzling more coffee which will definitely come back to haunt me. So, enough with the typing, and more of the caffeine.

8 thoughts on “So…tired…must receive caffeine drip…”

  1. I thought the cha-cha slide was for the more “mature” crowd (read: old). I hate that damn song!

    Wow, I had to wait a couple of minutes to post this because of my “malicious” over-commenting.

  2. I’m with R. Robyn on this- never heard of “High School Musical”. Then again, I am very behind the times- even when it was the times, I was very behind them… glad the night went so well for everyone!

  3. AWESOME!! I wish that I could have seen the fantabulous performance… : ( But I got to see the bonus pre-peformance anyway – the one where Zoot tries to show LilZ up with her lip syncing and rockin’ moves!! Just like you did last night singing along w/ “High School Musical”!! You just can’t leave the kids songs alone…. SHOW STEALER!! Hehehee

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