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Best 40 dollars we’ve spent so far.

Guess what came in this evening? Our Bumbo Seat! Wee! And y’all, she loves it. Now, she’s a bit fussy tonight, so she didn’t want to be in it forever, but when we first put it in, she loved it. She likes sitting up, but she can’t do it well yet, so the chair is perfect in that it allows her to sit up by herself. The chair is really light so we’ll be able to take it places with us easily, and it’s not a big deal to get wet so we’ll be able to use it on the beach. And it’s GREEN. It matches the site! I totally planned that.

19 thoughts on “Best 40 dollars we’ve spent so far.”

  1. That is one happy sitter! I know you’ve heard this so often your ears are probably starting to drown it out, but …she’s a cutie! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. Sorry Zoot, but you’re gona here it again! She’s a cutie!
    Not planning on having any more kids, but if we do, I think I’ll give that Bumbo seat a try.

  3. I knew it! all pictures from here on out must match the site or they will be deleted by the site police.

    that is a darn cute chair…

  4. I never did get Gabby one of those, because she was already too big by the time I even knew they existed. I will always be alittle sad I never got a picture of her in one because they look SO CUTE in them.

    Your daughter? She is BEAUTIFUL.

  5. Where were these things just a few years ago?

    Well, OK. A little more than just a few years ago, but still…

  6. All the stuff they have for babies now slays me. There’s so much stuff, and it’s all so cute and/or useful. NikkiZ looks very happy.

  7. I was hoping you’d get the green one! so that the next zoot baby won’t have to sit in a pink chair if it’s a boy! :o)

  8. Nikki Z is adorable as always, but my husband and I were looking at that thing and wondering if it really does help them learn to sit up, or if the support is too much so that they rely on it more….I guess you’ll have to keep us updated!

    Must be nice having Monday off! Glad you enjoyed it, you deserve it! How is the search going for another daycare, or have you decided to stay where you are?

  9. I was gonna ask you if you ever got one of those. She looks like such a BIG GIRL! in that thing! Too funny. As soon as I find out what parts this booger inside me has, I am going to get one of those things. (girl girl girl girl girl)

  10. I just saw those for the first time a few weeks ago. Looks very cool. I may have to get one for our new little guy!

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