Thing 2

She’s A Hat Girl

Y’all – I totally just put that hat on her because it made her look goofy. It serves no other purpose, it’s not warm, it’s not pretty, and it didn’t even match her outfit. I just wanted to see how it looked and it looked so silly I had to take pictures. I am an evil, evil, evil woman who totally enjoys laughing at her children.

Luckily – she thought it was pretty hilarious too.

12 thoughts on “She’s A Hat Girl”

  1. Your daughter only continues to get more beautiful each day. She could do baby commercials. What a smile she has! It’s infectious, because I really grinned when I saw her. By the way….I think the hat looks adorable on her!

  2. I think the hat looks so adorable on her! Too cute. Does her right cheek look more buttery than her left cheek? Or is that just a twisted smile. 😉

  3. I used to inflict an Elmer Fudd hat on my kiddo just for the fun of it. The good news is, it’s his favorite hat now and I get to laugh at him every day with impunity.

  4. she is just so cute, i must get some love from her, please next time you are in town, I WANT TO SEE HER, if not I’m coming to steal her!

  5. My first time here. she is just adorable! Loved the picts and your site as well. Lil Zoot’s picts really made me smile.

  6. Your daughter is so cute! Don’t feel bad, I always do stuff like this to my little girl. She has one hat with rabbit ears… Need I say more?

  7. Wait…isn’t that why we have children? To mock them and make them entertain us?

    (my Mom always told me she had me so that I would do the dishes!!)

  8. If you can’t do things like that to you child, why have them? Seriously, in likne 12 years, she’ll start getting PMS. So I say pay her back early, heehee. Actually, she looks way to cute!

  9. It’s NikkiZ’s first lesson in fashion…you wear things because you LOOK GOOD, not because they serve any practical purpose!!! Twenty years from now, three-inch stiletto heels won’t seem strange to her at all.

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