Taking variations of your advice long after you give it

One time, when we were discussing dieting, many of you told me it was GOOD to have days where you take a break from your diet. And that day? That you told me that? I ignored you because it is not good for ME to take breaks from my diet because ONE day becomes ONE week and the next thing I know I’m back where I started.

Well, I choose to retroactively take your advice and apply it to YESTERDAY. Can I do that?

After the whole seven-donut incident, I toyed with the idea of taking some of your advice to eat low cal/negative point foods the rest of the day so that my morning break from my diet wouldn’t actually have too much of an impact in terms of calories for the whole day. I TOYED with that idea. And then I through it out the window, retrieved the take-a-break-from-your-diet advice from last week, and went to eat more Mexican food for dinner than legally should be allowed. The bean dip! The burritos! The cheese enchiladas! The bean tostadas! All. So. Delicious. And. Not. Part. Of. My. Diet.

And yes, I had dessert too. Sopapillas anyone? With ice cream?

Now. I am seriously going to try NOT to let my one day break turn into one WEEK like it has done in the past. Today? Back on the diet. No donuts. No re-fried beans. No cupcakes. (Yes, I ate a cupcake yesterday too. When I binge – I BINGE.) Wish me luck. May the force be with me and everyone else who cheated yesterday.

10 thoughts on “Taking variations of your advice long after you give it”

  1. I didn’t cheat yesterday. I cheated the hell out of the entire weekend. Alcohol. Pizza. Ice Cream. Birthday Cake. It went on and on. And I was back on the diet yesterday, and am still going today.

    Apparently six weeks is the break down point of a good diet.

  2. Good luck!!! You can do it!!! I am back at it myself….even though there is a chocolate sitting here on my desk taunting me, I swear they are singing “eat me!!!” “sugary goodness!!”

  3. Sopapillas! I LOVE sopapillas, and none of the restaurants around here seem to serve them any more.

    Good luck keeping your diet break confined to just one day.

  4. I was on Nutrisystem for three weeks and was down eight pounds! Then my husband came home on a four day pass from the Army. In four days I ate at Zio’s (twice), Perkins, IHOP, Hideaway Pizza, and Mexico Joe’s. Plus the boy had his 6th birthday so I had cake and ice cream (repeatedly!) Those eight pounds? They came back home and brought a couple of friends. But can we do it? Yes we can!

  5. Seriously when I was doing WW last year I would lose the most weight on the weeks that I “freaked out” and have a DQ Blizzard. You’ll be just fine. Just stay on track!!

    (I hate dieting…so I don’t envy you. But I like being skinny!)

  6. I’m having issues with all the cheap reduced chocolate today! I know what you mean about the landslide effect though..I’m so bad for that!

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