One, one, one ’cause you left me…

For those of you asking…I had my date with the ultrasound wand yesterday, to check on my fibroid. She measured one by one and is doing just fine hanging out on the top of my uterus. Dr. SoNice wants me to come back in three months to measure her again to make sure she’s not putting on weight and trying to overtake my uterus. Or worse, that she’s gathered some sort of army to hang with her, foiling my attempts at any sort of menstrual normalcy.

I’ve successfully personified my uterine fibroid. I’m sure my doctor would be proud.

He’s still telling us to actively start trying to have another kid again in 2 months, if we want, because the sooner we get pregnant, the better, because pregnancy will keep my endometriosis as bay. Of course, getting pregnant wasn’t necessarily our big fertility hurdle, it was STAYING pregnant, which is where that bitchy fibroid could junk things up even more for us. Either way – we’re about 8 weeks away from jumping on the TTC wagon again and I’m not sure how I feel about that. Of course, I’m desperate for as many kids as possible, but that’s not a roller coaster of emotions that I’ve MISSED in the SLIGHTEST. I’ve enjoyed the break and I’m not sure how ready I am to get back into it.

But really, is anyone EVER ready to start that shit? No more ready that we are for root canals or colon scopes, I guess.

15 thoughts on “One, one, one ’cause you left me…”

  1. Am cracking up that you call your doc Dr.SoNice…I work in a clinic and there was a total hottie resident that worked with us named “Mickey” and we called him Dr. You’reSoFine…

    Yes, I even did the cheer for him when he walked by…those arms…Yikes!

  2. I want to make out with you right now, fibroids and all, for that Violent Femmes reference in your title. Will that interfere with the TTC thing at all?

  3. I’m glad your appointment went well. I wish you all the luck in the world when you do try again… we’ll all be pulling for you.

  4. “So why do I keep hitting myself with a hammer? Because it feels sooo good when I stop.”

    Grey – Grey’s Anatomy

    (hee.. here’s to another summer of ass sweat!)

  5. As someone who just spent the afternoon with TWO toddlers…I ask you…. YOU’RE HAVING ANOTHER ONE? ARE YOU INSANE? MENTALLY DISTURBED? Is that just the fibroid talking? It’s gone to your head! THINK WOMAN!

    BUT as someone who held a 7 mth old baby today I say this “OOOOOOOOOOH EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! How exciting!”

  6. I’m with MrsAnthrope – I will make out with anyone who uses Violent Femmes lyrics in conversation. I struggle at work to not always make number 8 on a list: “8, 8, I forget what 8 was for”. Also, it might be illegal to have another baby who is as cute as NikkyZ. She and I share a birthday, by the way. Not that LilZ is chopped liver, but we Scorpios have to stick together.

  7. But, really, the sooner the better. Because once you get so far you don’t really have a chance of having kids ever. Again. With few exceptions. At all.

  8. Ten, ten, ten, ten for everythingeverythingeverythingeverything.

    VFs rock my world, people who quote them get instant kudos.

    Now, go, have babies!

  9. That’s how I got pregnant with Boyscout so fast! To keep the endometriosis at bay, we started practicing right away like the Doctor said (once we got the ok at the 6 week check up) for 3 weeks I was “Let’s take precautions” one day and the next day “Let’s Make Another Baby!”. Within those 3 weeks, one of those “Let’s Make Another Baby” days worked because I was pregnant again! I was unpregnant for 9 weeks between the scouts!

  10. You may not be quite ready, but I am wholeheartedly in favor of this plan. I’m determined to get pregnant this year, and it would be fun to have someone to be pregnant with.

  11. And two, two, two for my family. Thanks a lot, now I won’t be able to go to sleep until I’ve sung the whole thing.

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