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Childcare Woes

Guess what I’m doing this afternoon? Come on…guess!

Fine. I’ll tell you. I’m going to check out another daycare.

“But don’t you already have a daycare, Zoot?”
“Why yes, I do!”
“Why, then, do you need another?”
“Because I’m a snooty Mom who demands things for her child like an administration who wouldn’t consider firing a teacher all the PARENTS love while hiring one several have complained about. I’m so demanding!”

See, we had these two teachers who we really liked. Then, they started training a third who, although REALLY sweet and good with the kids, seemed a tad unqualified. She didn’t seem capable of tending to more than one child at a time. For example, she took 15 minutes changing Baby #1’s diaper. And although Baby #1 was enjoying the experience because the teacher is funny and sweet, Babies number 2-4 were all screaming bloody murder.

One of the other Moms and I decided we were concerned about her being left with 4 babies at one time so we both made a point to tell the owner, “Hey – we love the original two teachers and as long as one of them is there with the new teacher, we’re fine, but we don’t think the new teacher should be left alone.” We made our concerns known early last week.

I came in this morning and found out that one of the original teachers, my FAVORITE, the one who the other Moms all LOVE (one Mom didn’t even want her child moved up, she loved that teacher so much) was “let go”. The reasons? Seem to have to do with the fact that she was very open about her distaste of the administration. So, they let a teacher go who the moms LOVED and who the kids ADORE because the Admistration doesn’t like her.

I haven’t gone into the details of our issues with this place, but lets just say this is one of MANY complaints I’ve had, so far. And seeing as how the one thing I LOVED was this one teacher who is now GONE? And considering 40% of my take-home salary goes to this place? I would like to have a little less to bitch about.

Oh – and when I went for NikkiZ’s nursing time this morning? She was screaming that red-faced-been-crying-for-at-least-ten-minutes scream, which she doesn’t do much, at ALL at home. They were all “Oh look! She’s hungry!” and when I picked her up I’m all, “Or MAYBE it’s because she’s sitting in her own SHIT.” She had a dirty diaper that had squirted poop all up her back. Which, in the big picture? No biggie, that happens at home too. But – we find it BEFORE she starts screaming. And at that moment they had TWO teachers for THREE babies and one of those babies was SLEEPING so its not like they couldn’t have given her their attention.


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  1. Oh, let’s have some fun.
    Zoot, why the hell don’t you just stay at home with her? You know, don’t worry about paying your house note, car notes, utility bill, etc. etc. Forget groceries. I mean, HELLO! You can totally live off bread and water!
    Kidding, kidding!!!!!
    BAH is right! What, with the finding a new daycare and with the internet having some major PMS…well…..surely things will start looking up. At least, I hope they do for everyone this week! Last week seemed to be a “mean internet people” week for a lot. Me? My week royally sucked for other reasons sooooooo..
    Here’s to a new and improved week for everyone! Cheers! (even though I can’t drink but would LOVE to!)

  2. I went thru this with the nursing home, too. Nothing like walking in and finding your mother half on, half off the bed and mostly uncovered with her ass hanging out for the world to see. Assholes.

  3. I’m looking for a daycare that doesn’t cost more than the rent will up in Atlanta, and I’m not having all that much luck at the moment.

    Here’s to us both finding something suitable in the daycare world!

  4. Good freaking grief! Yes, yes, YES go find yourself another daycare. One who actually, you know, watches and cares for the babies. Novel idea, I know. That’s just awful. Sounds like this place has it’s priorities all out of wack. What a pain in the arse! Good luck on finding a good replacement!

  5. If you’re going to pay that much money, I’m sure you could find someone who would do it from your home. Myabe Mr.Z’s family can help out with it part time?

    I have a friend with a 9 month old, and she has a woman come to her house every day from 7-5:30 she’s pay’s her $200 a week. I don’t know if that’s fesiable, but I think having your daughter in your home is WAY better than in a daycare. I’m not a fan of day cares, I prefer one on one. I know sometimes it’s a money factor, but if you can swing it–do it.

    I feel so bad for the babies, and for the stress that you’re all having to go through. Wish you luck.

  6. Yikes, I so do not envy you the infant in daycare thing; the whole enterprise just plain sucks. It is so hard to trust anyone else to care about your kidlets the same way that you do. I’m glad you’re being proactive and looking for other options, tho. Good luck with that, zooty.

  7. Holy Crap! I’d yank her out of there ASAP too!! Sorry your experience hasn’t been great… I really hope you guys find a better place for such a darling lil’ lady 🙂

  8. yup, I would totally take her out of there, I personal think the chains are worse than in home daycares. The chains offer some things that the littler ones can, like a place to nurse, but maybe you can fine one.

    My kids go to a smaller daycare, privately owned by a lady that has been doing it for 25 years. The smaller capacity also seems to encourage teachers to stay.

  9. Screw that. You’re paying all that money for your kid to be ignored? No way. She deserves someone that will, you know, change her diaper once in a while.

    The preschool that my daughter goes to is also a daycare and they are one of the cheapest schools in this area (the other, fancy *private* schools are more than TWICE what this school’s cost is) but I choose this school because this school actually PLAYS with the kids, takes them outside, runs around with them, isn’t afraid to use paint, etc. The other schools are so friggin sterile and boring and the one is teaching the 3 year olds spanish and I’m like SHE DOESN”T WANT TO LEARN SPANISH, SHE CAN BARELY SPEAK DECENT ENGLISH! SHE WANTS TO COLOR, YOU FREAK!

    So, fancy doesn’t always mean better.

    Good luck in finding a new place for your little girl 🙂

  10. EEeeeewwww. I am SO pleased I don’t have to deal with those icky, horrible, detestable, smelly things. The Daycares not the children! I am relieved that We have the opportunity to have one of the parents at home (Namely our Super-Stay-At-Home-Dad) although I know that not many people have the same opportunity so I am hoping against hope that you can find a daycare that actually cares about the children (duh) and not satisfying their administration.

  11. Oh. My. God. Tell me it does not just CHAP YOUR ASS to have to fork over phenomenal amounts of money for something you’re not even all that overjoyed about doing in the first place, only to have to deal with service as crappy as the checkout line at your local Walmart.

  12. Zoot,

    Run from this place. I have a now 5 year old who went through five daycares in 1 year.
    Yes, I put my child first and moved her around. We all chose the right enviornment for your children and sometimes the best rated daycares are the worse.

    We had princess in a highly rated via state scores daycare and the kids there were telling the teacher to shut up and they went through many many many teachers in 5 months. Plus, princess got pink eye three times, there was something festering there.

    Do you like chuch daycares? My princess moved to christian preschool at 2 and she’s done wonderfully. She will start kindergarten there this fall.

    Good luck you are doing the right thing. Unfortuntely, I’m very wordy and daycare turn over is extremely high. Do you have a bright horizon’s near by. We were please with their infant/toddler programs.


  13. You’re right! There’s no excuse for that kind of thing. Good thing you go so often for your nursing times, that way you’ve kept right on top of things!!

  14. When my 18 year old was 2 I worked and she went to what seemed like a great daycare.
    One day they called me because she was “sick”. Upon investigation she was allowed to eat an entire container of Halloween candy from their party and puked it up.
    The next week I found her on the playground absolutely soaked and mud covered. She had peed on herself and was allowed to stay in the clothes and continue playing.
    They claimed that she had “no clothes in her cubby”. I walked in a grabbed them and shoved them in their faces.
    We walked out and never went back.
    So many people keep trying to get me to do home daycare again.
    Finding a good provider is SO hard.

  15. Run from that place, get as far as you can! With two teachers watching over four infants, there was absolutely no reason for that diaper to be missed. And the fact that the administration didn’t give a hoot about firing a good teacher that was loved by most parents at the school, tells me that they are not with it. You are a very good mommy for following your gut feelings and looking elsewhere!

  16. How frustrating!! I would be so upset to walk in and find my child crying like that. I hope you are able to find another place for her.

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