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Spa Day

Guess what I’m doing tomorrow morning? Using part of my Christmas present from my brother to get a facial! I can’t wait and after the week I’ve had, it’s extremely needed.

I’m also getting my eyebrows waxed. Oh, that noise you just heard was my husband cheering, “THANK GOD! IT’S ABOUT TIME!” at the top of his lungs. My eyebrows are like my hair, unruly to say the least, and they tend to irritate him when they stick out in weird places (all the time). I’ve only had my eyebrows waxed about 3 or 4 times in my whole life and I never pluck them, so they tend to be unruly more often than not. I just can’t muster up the energy to CARE. They are fairly light and, to me anyway, unnoticeable.

But, to keep MrZ from constantly using his thumbs to smoosh them in the right direction and shape, I’m going to get them waxed tomorrow. I always like my face with smooth, shaped eyebrows, I just never do it myself. I may actually put on makeup tomorrow night to celebrate.

Nah. Probably not.

22 thoughts on “Spa Day”

  1. Getting your eyebrows waxed is suprisingly satisfying. The women always apologize to me afterward though, I look like like a raccoon that’s been badly beaten.

  2. Yeah, I was trying to psych myself up to get my unruly brows wrangled into shape before Valentine’s Day. Who knows, I may experience an uncharacteristic spasm of ‘I give a shit about my external appearance’ before then, but the prospects look bleak at the current juncture.

  3. I did the eyebrow thing one time…and it was pretty cool. If I cared, I’d probably do it more. No, I’m not a plucker either.

    Have fun at your facial, you’ve definitely earned it.

  4. After one particularly unfortunate eyebrow shaping incident, I now pluck ONLY. But, it doesn’t hurt me to do it and I find it oddly satisfying, so I do it regularly enough.

  5. noooooooo!!!! you can’t put make up on a freshly exfoliated pearly pink face! would be a sin…as a matter of fact, i think the aesthetician would slap your cheeks and walk out if she thought you were going to cover up her hard work later that night!!

    put on some pretty gloss and be beautiful as you are!!

  6. I HAVE to say that there seems to be a real slew of nasty comments at the moment. There are so many pople having to defend themselves from trolling people that I have to wonder if there are certain times of the year or month when they peak and trough. (Like when our Emergency Departments are busier during a full moon). I love your site – I read it cause I love it. People who don’t should just shove off.

  7. Sounds like a fun-filled day.

    Everytime I get my brows waxed, my entire fax breaks out (which never happens otherwise). I can’t figure it out.

    Anyway, have fun!

  8. You mean eyebrows aren’t supposed to stick out 6 different directions at once? And not be even? Cause mine do that or this horrendous Frieda Kahlo thing. One or the other, depending on my level of sloth at the time.

    I just wanted to de-lurk and tell you I love your site (while informing you that I have bad eyebrows, apparently.) Have fun tomorrow!

  9. i know you are a huge diet coke fan … do not drink caffine before your wax … it makes it hurt 10x worse! enjoy yourself … it sounds like you deserve it!

    try waxing 4x per year … it will keep you in good shape. also, it is tweeze, you pluck chickens. 🙂

  10. Oh darlin’, it sounds like you’ve had a WEEK!!! (Do I sound Southern enough? Do not be fooled: I’m from Wisconsin.)

    Anyway, love love love your comments at Amalah and decided, heck I don’t spend enough time on the Internet, why don’t I go read Zoot’s blog? and here we are.

    For the record, you’re very pretty, as are your children, and I thought the idea of funding a school trip was creative and adorable, so some one of your commenters can just go jump in a lake. Pfthhht.

    Enjoy your time at the spa!

  11. You might, and I know it’s inconvenient, and I know they’re scheduled on the same day, but you just might want to save one for later. The first time I got a facial I got my eyebrows waxed the same day and the two just don’t go together at all. It was the only time I ever swelled and broke out from waxing.

  12. Who the hell hacks into a blog? And who has the time to leave mean comments about other people’s finances? Honestly!

  13. https://misszoot.com/2005/10/i_should_be_ashamed_of_myself.php

    I was looking up things on the actor who played Ron Weasly for my 15-year-old daughter, and came to your site. I have to say my stomached turned when I realized you’re a grown woman with children professing your crush on a child. If you were a man of 30 and made that statement about a 17-year-old girl, all hell would break loose and you’d be called a sicko, pedophile, and child molester.

    I’m VERY concerned about your son’s safety he’s not much younger than Rupert. I’m also VERY, VERY bothered that not a single woman especially mother of boys that age said a word about it. I guess if you’re popular enough you can get away with anything?eh Michael Jackson!

  14. You know, Zoot… Seriously, Pat’s right. YOU ARE A SICK, SICK WOMAN! It’s something I’ve been meaning to tell you for a while and I’m just so thankful to Pat for being so RATIONAL and BRAVE to stand up against such a predator as yourself!

    Oh, wait… This is REALITY? Oh, sorry… I got sucked into Pat’s world of retardation for a second there.

    I think Pat needs to get laid.

  15. Aside from the obvious remarks I could make to/about Pat……why is she doing her 15 year old daughter’s homework?

  16. Ah Pat, too bad you didn’t leave a email address or URL. We could’ve hooked up to stage an intervention for Zoot. I too am very concerned.
    Meanwhile: Ron Weasly – cu-ute!

  17. The guys that came up with google made a fortune from helping people find things easily on the internet. Now, they should pay for the sin of letting absolute morons run loose. When are they going to develop a stupidity rater that can prohibit people like Pat from posting all of the assinine things that pop into their very limited mind? That, my friends, would make them more money than the search engine ever could.

  18. Seriously, what is wrong with people? Don’t comment if you have nothing nice to say. Pat’s mamma obviously never taught her that.

  19. Dude, you’re as famous as Michael Jackson?! Who knew! I won’t even address the other things that strange woman said, as it’s obvious she’s unbalanced.

  20. Oh for gosh sakes. Of course no one said anything. Because when people read a blog on a regular basis, they know the person who writes it a little bit better than some stupid drive-by commenter who knows nothing other than what she read in ONE POST. Get a grip, get a life and get out.

  21. What the hell………………Geeze ..see Pat is what happens when cousins marry……….now I understand why its against the law…..

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