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The perils of parenting

Do you have a child between the ages of 9 and 17 who watches the Disney Channel? Then you probably have seen or heard the new Disney Channel original movie, High School Musical. Well, let me tell you something, I am starting to see why TiVo can be both the love of my life, the the thing I want dead most in the world, all at the same time.

LilZ and I started seeing previews for High School Musical months ago and were really looking forward to the premier of it (Jan 20th). We watched the premier episode on Friday of that weekend. And then the special “Sing Along” version on Saturday. And then? The special “Behind the Scenes” version on Sunday. And just in case we missed any of those versions? LilZ TiVo-ed them ALL.

He has since gone to playing the movie musical numbers over and over again so that he can learn the dances that go along with the songs. He has also used his I-tunes gift card to download the entire soundtrack so he can listen to it anytime he wants. This means, when someone else is using the TiVo with the movie on it, he can simply play the songs and do the dances using the computer. In other words? I can hear the songs from that movie 24 hours a day.

And sometimes? That is how often I hear them. I now know all of the words to all of the musical numbers from that movie. And I’m also starting to learn the dance moves. I woke up this morning singing Get Your Head in the Game and went to be singing We’re all in this together… (that one includes an important hand-clap in the dance that also plays in my head).

Anyone wanna guess how long it takes me to “accidently” delete the movie from TiVo?

(Not that it would matter, Disney plays it 14 times a day, it would just get re-recorded.)

Note from 2020: This is the first of MANY entries I wrote about this movie AND this phenomenon. I will be deleting most of them but I wanted to chronicle the original with a note that this movie BECAME AN OBSESSION FOR A VERY LONG TIME.

20 thoughts on “The perils of parenting”

  1. Gotta get your head… get your head in the game… gotta get your head… get your head in the game…

    Would someone PLEASE make it STOP!?!

  2. How dare you!!! You are not my mother!!!You watch things repededly A LOT!!!!Even if I’m listening right now doent mean I’m adicted!!!!And you ARE NOT going to delete it!!!I delete a bunch of stuff every day!!!

    Love, Lilz

  3. Thankfully we chose NOT to get the Disney Channel. And now I know why!
    Poooooor LilZ! You can’t take that from him (especially since he busted you on the your own site…duh zoot duh!)

  4. I now feel very sorry for my mother for all the times my siblings and I did that. Although I have to admit I once “lost” my brother’s Beach Boy’s CD after having to listen to it for the hundred-millionth time. I just couldn’t deal with it any more. I gave it back when he moved out of the house.

  5. OMG! I am not alone in Disney Channel Hell! Do you have Disney RADIO in your area too? All day long, its Hillary Duff this, High School Musical that, Ali and AJ are sisters, did you know?, and Cody is SOOOOO cute, (why Zack isn’t , I don’t know), Cheetah Girls this….AAAAAAAAGGGGGGHHHHHHHH. The sad thing? I watch Raven when she isn’t home. I have even watched the Princess Diaries (1 AND 2) a few times. I am glad that these movies show strong girl/women characters for her to look up to, but the songs! Please! Get “Get Your Head in the Game” OUT of my head. Even worse? Since she doesnt have an MP3 player (she loses things too much), the CD is back ordered for 2 weeks. And yes, my name is on the list. I wont get Disney on Demand because they repeat everytning 50 thousand times a day. Don’t delete them. He will KILL you. He will get sick of it soon enough…until then, we suck it up, and let them know we love them that much TO suck it up and sing the songs in the car with them.

  6. We watched the sing a long version – but the scouts have not gone that far to record it or download the songs (Thank Goodness!) but I let Girlscout read the story and comments and she agrees that Disney does over kill and is a tad bit excited she can download the songs. I too believe that the strong/girl characters are awesome and most of Hillary’s songs and a few other Disney gals – their songs are very inspirational.

  7. This reminds me of how I’d ambush my sister’s room and steal the tape she’d been playing over and over for the last two days out of her tape player. Good times…

  8. Um so I’m 25 and watch the Disney channel way too much. I actually have this movie on the DVR but haven’t had a chance to watch it. Yet I’m extrememly excited to!

  9. You and LilZ are so cute!
    Even if you didn’t have Tivo, you would still have to watch the DVD or something. I know I would tape (video, old school) every cheer/dance competition and play them over and over again and learn the routine. I cheered for 10 years so that’s how long this went on. My poor, poor mother!!! I realize, as a mom now, she should be nominated for sainthood (or something like that).

  10. I had 15 11 year old girls over for a birthday sleepover this past weekend and they kept quoting lines from the movie. All.night.long. and then came the singing of the songs. I am so feeling your pain.

  11. I survived Duran Duran (still twitch when any one of their songs comes on in the grocery store). This WILL pass…

  12. OMG! Not only is my 6 year old son in love with the movie, we were both excited when we found the last CD of the soundtrack at Wal-Mart last weekend. luckily he listens to it with earphones. apparently, he didn’t like my singing the “boys” lines. 🙂

  13. Yeah, my 12 year old TIVO’d it, and then recording it onto DVD. And then made 4 copies for her friends…We couldn’t watch it, it was too “teenage” for us! I wouldn’t have watched it at 12, but maybe that says something for my kid, that she’s still a kid! At least it’s something they’re interested in!

  14. OK, we don’t have Disney channel (or any cable for that matter), but *I* wanted to see this movie. I am a sucker for musicals.

    My 14yo has at least one of the songs from it on her IPod. I haven’t listened to it yet, though.

  15. Hey! How’d your son end up at MY house? I’m going through the same thing and mercy, I can only take so much before I tell them to shut it off! LOL And we also have the iTunes soundtrack but I don’t mind that as much…cause I just blast Bon Jovi to listen to when they’ve got the movie on TV.

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