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My peeps.

I have this thing, about adults. More often than not, when I’m with more than one other adult, I feel incredibly out of place. I feel that part of it is because I still don’t feel like an adult myself (yes, I know, I’m 30, embrace it already) but the other part is I’m really self conscious that I’ll say or do something incredibly moronic. Like exclaim, “New Orleans is a VERY large state, you know.”

(Don’t ask.)

I enjoy chatting with NikkiZ’s teachers when I go to nurse her, but today? There were several other women in there – training, I believe – and one other mother who I don’t know yet. This propelled me into my eek-I-can’t-function-around-other-grown-ups mode and I immediately honed in on some of the toddlers to give me an excuse not to talk to the adults in the room. Before long I was off in my own world making goofy faces and fart noises with my lips while interacting with the babies.

Now I’m thinking that might not have helped my cause to fit in with adults. Unless, of course, those adults are related to Robin Williams.

5 thoughts on “My peeps.”

  1. I’m with you on that. GIve me toddlers over their parents any day!

    Being able to relate to adults is highly overrated.

  2. I was just thinking this morning, wondering when I would feel like an adult, because I don’t yet. Even though I have all kinds of adult things, am married, and am more than old enough to be considered an adult, I just don’t feel like an adult yet.

  3. You must be my long-lost never-discussed sister!

    I still don’t like to talk to other parents much. I’m too afraid they will think I’m weird (which I am, but isn’t always a good thing in soccer-mom circles).

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