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Just another story about how amazing my son is…

Have I mentioned before how awesome of a big brother LilZ is? Have I? Well, just in case I haven’t, I wanted to tell another story about how awesome he is.

First, we went to run some errands yesterday afternoon. We had to do two things in one shopping center so we parked at Target (of course) but walked to BabiesRUs where we had to return some things. LilZ was very concerned that I was just carrying NikkiZ on my shoulder because, evidently, the sun was in her eyes. So, he spent the entire walk across the shopping center trying to keep his hand held above her head perfectly so the sun wouldn’t blind her. I’m sure from afar? We looked like freaks because I was trying to walk in a way as to not trip over him as he was hovering above us. But it was just so freakin’ adorable. He also wanted to carry her as soon as we got in the store because he “missed her all weekend” and he wanted to show her some cool things around the store.

A. Freakin’. Dor. A. Ble.

Then, last night? I really needed to finish up a design I was working on but NikkiZ was in a hold-me-or-listen-to-me-scream kind of mood. I have learned to do a lot of things with only one arm, but designing web pages? Kinda tricky. So, I asked LilZ if he could hold her for me while I finished something up. He did, no problem. He even entertained her by putting her in her high chair and dancing for her, which cracked her up. He came into the bedroom at one point in time (where I do my work so I can lock the dogs out) and was going to get her papasan and he held her in one arm, carried the papasan in the other, and continued his conversation with me all the while, never once asking for help. It was so awesome. He is so capable of doing so much and he wants to do it all.

It was not intentional to wait so long to have another child, but I’m thinking now it may have been the smartest thing I’ve ever done.

Of course, I still can’t get the kid to pick his towel up off the floor. Whatever that’s about.

10 thoughts on “Just another story about how amazing my son is…”

  1. that is cute! Sadly I don’ t have the same high hopes for big brother Moo…he is afterall only two and jealous of his dad… I’m not sure how the new baby thing is going to work out. Maybe I can borrow LilZ?

  2. What a grat brother LilZ is! Having an age gap like that between your kids can really work in your favor. I was 12 when my brother was born, and I was thrilled to have him around. A lot of people assume that there would be distance between us because I’m so much older, but we’re actually very close, even though I was basically out of the house from the time he was 6.

  3. Don’t forget, you also get a free built-in babysitter in a couple years! (And believe me, my parents took advantage of that one!)

  4. Oh my goodness, you have so convinced me to have another one (my stretchmarks be on your head). My litle boy is 8 and i thought I had left it to late…..but maybe not…..ha ha, guess what I’ll be doing tonight!!

  5. That was really smart thinking on your part! You won’t have them both in college at the same time. And LilZ can pass on his first car to NikkiZ when he buys his own wheels. It’s perfect!

    Alas, Chloe is more interested in smothering Bradley than comforting him. At least he finds it amusing.

  6. My kids are almost exactly 10 years apart…my daughter made 13 in December and my son made 3 in January. We absolutly LOVE it. She loves helping with her brother and I can always take a long bath or lay down for a little while and she’s more than willing to entertain him if my husband is not home. On especially busy nights she even gives him a bath for me. Another advantage is she loves teaching him things. My son can spell just about any word you ask him to, although his favorites are GAP, Old Navy, Target, Toy Store, etc. She taught him all of his colors, numbers, shapes, etc. He’s really advanced and she’s responsible for a lot of it.

  7. See, it’s posts like this that make me feel the same way about the spacing between my children. It certainly wasn’t my intention, but I know now that my son is older, he’ll make a fantastic older brother.

  8. He’s an awesome brother! Congrats! My oldest is like this with my youngest…she was 11, almost 12 when I had the little Diva and she’s been wonderful with her. My best babysitter! 🙂

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