Week from Hell

I don’t have much time to write this considering I just spent 20 minutes cleaning up a mess in my kitchen created when my coffeemaker THREW UP everywhere…so here is simply a list of all the SHIT that has gone wrong this week and why I am so FREAKIN glad it’s friday.

  • The damn coffee maker threw up this morning. Meaning? NO COFFEE.
  • Two fried motherboards and power supplies at my office. (Meaning? Two VERY dead computers.)
  • More than my share (or anyone else’s share, for that matter) of internet issues. And LACK of internet issues (hence a severe reduction in postings for the week.)
  • MY DEAD CAR. (Did you see the sidebar?).
  • Trying to figure out how in the HELL to handle today: Taking two kids, two different places, and two parents, two different places, while still allowing me a car so that I can drive to NikkiZ’s daycare and nurse her every three hours with ONLY ONE CAR.
  • Playing a part (a very SMALL part, but a part nonetheless) in getting an employee fired at my daughter’s daycare.
  • The 300+ dollar repair job on my dead car. Damn it. Oh well, who needs groceries this week?
  • I am so damn glad it is damn Friday I could damn scream. Or drink. Probably both.

    11 thoughts on “Week from Hell”

    1. Aahhh, yes, it is Friday indeed – I hope you are able to relax – the week is over and now it’s time to start fresh! Enjoy a beer , or 6, for sure! You are such a hard worker, things will be better soon!

    2. I was happy for me that it is Friday, but now I’m happy for YOU that it is Friday, because, damn, it seems like you need it more than me. And I can commiserate with you on the car issues – I just got mine back after 12 weeks in the shop. Trying to deal with being short a car is rough. I can’t imagine trying to do it with 2 kids added to the picture.

    3. Oh I feel your woes…it has been a sucky week hasn’t it. The week is over…it will be a good time to just relax and unwind and enjoy your family.

      My car is dead too. 🙁 And I still don’t have the title for it!! Wanna trade?? HA.

    4. Okay, there are many untold stories here (car, daycare etc). Sorry to hear that you week sucked. On the bright side: it can only get better from here on!

    5. breathe Zoot breathe inhale big deep breath okay let it out……feel better yet?

    6. Wow. That sucks.
      I’d hope that the daycare wouldn’t let a reliable employee go just because she opened late once. So… that’s totally not your fault!
      Dr. European says: Go to Krispy Kreme. Go directly there. Do not make unnessecary stops along the way. Why are you still reading this? Go there NOW!

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