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Happy Birthday!

LilZ –

Today you turn 11. ELEVEN. Holy crap, that’s old. This has been an amazing year and you have proven to us a million times over how wonderfully blessed we are to have such an amazing son. You spent my entire pregnancy getting excited with me about the birth of your sister. And you were so sincere about how excited you were! And you did everything you could to make my life easier as I got fatter and fatter. You were tolerant and patient with everything associated with our new house and the move. You helped in so many ways to make things happen with the move that I wasnt able to do. You helped with the responsibilities that I couldnt help with and I don’t know if we would have made it without you. You also spent a lot of nights giving me backrubs and rubbing my head to help me relax when I was so damn MISERABLE. You were fantastic.

And then? After NikkiZ was born? You rose to the challenge of being a big brother like I knew you would. You have never once been scared to hold her, even the day she was born. You entertain her when she’s sad, you cuddle her when she’s scared. You are already the best big brother in the world and your sister is only three months old. I am so thrilled to know that NikkiZ is going to have such a wonderful brother growing up and you are going to be such a good influence on her. I’m glad she’ll have someone she can turn to when she can’t turn to us.

LilZ – I love you more than you could ever know. I am proud of you in ways I could never express. It has been a long year for you – but it ended great. I hope year 11 is just as good to you.

I love you with all my heart.

24 thoughts on “Happy Birthday!”

  1. LilZ… you’re the man! After reading what your Mom wrote about you, I actually got all teary and I don’t even know you. Happy Birthday to you! 🙂

  2. [Other than my email to you of way-back-when about our mutual loss of Diet Vanilla Coke…this is my de-lurking debut.]

    Yikes! MY son is 11 today as well! How about that?! I guess it was a magical day to have a boy all those years ago!

    Congratulations to us all!

  3. Happy Birthday dude. I remember being 11. It rocked. Did your mom survive your massive sleepover? Or is she still sleeping it off?

  4. Happy Birthday to You, LilZ. When I was eleven, I went on a long field trip with school and got my first kiss. I think I just scared your mom. (But I did well in school and college, so it’s not all bad, Zoot!)

    Seriously, though, LilZ, we’re all so proud of all the things you do: soccer and school, brother and best son ever. I hope today and every day brings you all the things you deserve, sweetie.

  5. What a wonderful tribute to your son. I’m sure he’ll treasure this for years to come and I agree, how lucky your daughter is to have a big brother like this!
    Happy Birthday to LilZ.

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