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House Full Of Boys.

Guess who’s coming to dinner? 3 pre-teen boys to spend the night with LilZ for his birthday. That’s right. THREE BOYS. And if you add them to the one I already have, that means there will be FOUR BOYS spending the night at my house tonight. Do you know what kind of damage FOUR BOYS will do to one’s home, much less one’s sanity? A LOT.

Actually, it will be fun. LilZ has good taste in friends and they shouldn’t be too much trouble. And instead of cake, LilZ wanted to have fixings for ice cream sundaes and you know what? I’d allow four serial killers come spend the night if it gives me an excuse to buy tons of ice cream and tons of ice cream toppings. While we were shopping for ingredients last night, I was all “Do you want butterscotch?” and he’s all “Nahhh…” and I’m all “Whatever….” and I put it in the buggy anyway. Why? BECAUSE I WANT BUTTERSCOTCH! That’s the perk of being a mom, you know, getting to buy the ice cream toppings YOU want. Other toppings LilZ didn’t ask for but I grabbed anyway? Marachino cherries and caramel. Can you believe the kid didn’t want CARAMEL?

And he wanted waffles for breakfast tomorrow morning, but what did I talk him into instead? Making a run to Krispy Kreme for Fresh! Hot! Now! donuts first thing instead. And who loves Krispy Kreme donutes? Me!

Is it starting to sound like that MAYBE this party is more for me than LilZ? That’s what I like to call BRILLIANT PARENTING.

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  1. Sounds like a fun birthday party, especially since there are ice cream sundaes involved! I will be having my son’s 13th birthday party next weekend, 12 boys sleeping over. Can you say “she’s absolutely nuts”! If I’m not nutty right now, I will sure be Saturday from not getting any sleep Friday night. My head hurts already.

  2. Um, besides having four pre-teen boys in the house, that sounds like absolute heaven! Although, if they are anything like my brother was, it might not be too bad. He and his friends would hole up in his room playing video games and bothering no one.

  3. Hey, can I come for a sleep over, too? Sounds like my kind of party! By the way, you’re an awesome mom Zoot… I love reading about your relationship with your son because I’ll have one in about 140 days or so. I feel like I’m studying for the biggest test of my life. Mind if I cheat off of you? 🙂

  4. I don’t care how good they are, you will still have four boys together at your house ALL NIGHT! I shall say a little prayer for you.

  5. A little disgusting fact about marachino cherries: they stay in your colon for years because your body isn’t able to break them down. BLECH! So I haven’t been able to eat a marachino cherry in years. But real cherries? Are where it’s at!

    Happy upcoming birthday, LilZ! Hope he has a great slumber party!

  6. I once (once being the operative word here) had SEVEN 9 year olds sleep over. Firtst we had Chinese take out for dinner. Then we had popcorn and watched Mary Kate & Ashley movies all night. Yes, I slept in the living room with them all. I was a babbling idiot by the time they left. But my daughter still talks about that great party I threw her. And that’s what counts!

  7. Man I would SO MUCH rather have 4 boys that age than 4 girls that age!

    I remember a slumber party from years past during which a psycho 4th grader locked herself in the bathroom saying she had started her period (LIE) and tried to make the move on a neighbor boy who was also staying (to hang with my son)…..
    That girl was WILD.

    Boys will be happy to veg out with a video game or a movie.
    Girls are only happy if they are tormenting each other!

  8. Oh my… I’ll suggest you hire some guards to sit outside the boys bedroom window. And hide the toilet paper..

    ahhhhhhhh memories.

  9. Perhaps you will call me a heathen for not knowing this, but what’s the difference between butterscotch and caramel toppings for sundaes? I’m not even sure I’ve seen caramel topping…

  10. we don’t tivo law and order of csi b/c there’s always one of them on some of the satellite channels, but beauty and the geek…we fell in love with last seasons show but the week before this season started.

    anyway, let me tell you a cool Law show you should watch…the E-ring. It has been on several times but it seems after last night they may be going to cancel it but it has the gorgeous benjamin bratt in it and it is an awesome show…lots about the gov’t and the military and the law and some love in there too…it has to be as good as reading a book…i’m sure of it, bahahah

  11. More than the noise or mess, you will notice the smell that 4 boys in the house creates. It’s like being stuck in a cave with an open cesspool of BO.

  12. You were right to insist on the butterscotch! We let the twins have a party together– 3 boys EACH which was a total of a lot of boys. They watched movies, streaked, and ate everything we put before them. The duo declared it a great success.

    Now it’s my oldest’s turn…and I’m stalling!

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