Weekends Are Not Relaxing Around Here.

Well, the closet is FINALLY done. And my GAWD was it difficult. That closet is just the weirdest shaped closet in the history of all closets and it took much cursing and one more trip to Lowe’s to get the damn thing set up. And I cried. AGAIN. That closet is now officially the bane of my existance.

Luckily? We got it done before LilZoot gets home today. He spent the weekend at his Dad’s and today with his Nana who is bringing him back from Georgia. They’ll be home in a few hours and he’ll be very excited to see there is a rack to hang all of the new clothes he bought himself.

(Yes. He’s officially a pre-teen as he started buying his own clothes with his own money.)

And I have just been a WRECK today. I actually used the F-word in front of NikkiZ and TO MrZ today to express my intense depression over leaving NikkiZ at the daycare for the first time in TWO DAYS. I’m also incredibly stressed that we only have about 10 more days to raise money for LilZ’s field trip and we still have about 400 dollars left to go. I’m also stressed because my damn DOGS keep getting in the MUD every chance they get which means I have to bathe them and I haven’t even bathed MYSELF today, dammit.

Jeezus. You’d think I was pregnant again with the hormonal rages I’m having today. Don’t you wish YOU were lucky enough to be my husband?

10 thoughts on “Weekends Are Not Relaxing Around Here.”

  1. oh please…your husband has nothing on what mine has to go through everyday, at the hands of this 7 months pregnant eating machine! last night he made a comment about the bedroom being messy, and it all came down to me bursting into tears and yelling “you only treat me like this cuz you know no one else wants me!!” sorry to say, mrzoot has it quite easy..=)

  2. Some days you get the bear and somedays the bear gets you. the bear won today but tomorrow should be better. 🙂

  3. Listen, leaving NikkiZ in daycare is enough to be a wreck about, all by itself! Cut yourself some slack, it’ll be rough for a while. Thinking of you!

  4. Ooooh, I’m so sorry you are having such a bad day! I wish I could say it was Monday and your week would get better but I can’t even tell you that, what with Wednesday staring you in the face.
    At least the closet is done.

  5. Did you hear that? I threw a quarter in the pot. Hope that gets LilZ on his field-trippn’ way! If he ends up not going, buy yourself something really pretty to make up for the hard work that went into putting together the stupid closet. Hang in there, babe.

  6. I threw a quarter in, too. He sooo deserves to go on his trip, and I know all too well how hard it is when maternity leave interferes with funds.

    Good luck, Lilz!

  7. Yeah, I totally want pics of this closet. My son’s closet is weirdly shaped too (three different angles in the back!) and I’m needing to get a new shelf thingy for it SOON since the current one is falling down. Please share!!! 😉

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