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After several emails requesting I join, and after my friends Stace and Euge got into it – I decided to join MySpace. Now – I just started actually fooling around with it this morning and I still have a lot to learn. I gave myself a pretty simple design for now until I can figure more out. But if you have one too – let me know – or send me one of those “Friend Requests” that I need to figure out how to do. I’m not really sure WHY I signed up there, since I have a blog, but when all the Cool Kids are doing it, I gotta jump the bandwagon. I’m a follower like that. If you look to your right, you’ll see the link to it now on my sidebar.

So – if you have any MySpace pointers, fill me in!

Update from 2020: I’m not sure I ever revisited that MySpace page. I should probably delete this entry but I feel like it needs to be preserved for archive purposes.

14 thoughts on “MySpace”

  1. I joined (but can’t remember my user name) and also signed up for 360.yahoo.com, which is the yahoo answer to myspace (still in beta)

    I’m all about the betas. Anybody need a gmail address? I have a hundred or more invites…

  2. Zoot, I requested to add you as a friend, so when you get the request from some random person, its me…who you don’t really even know, but I read your blog, hee hee!

  3. I had joined once, then deleted my profile right away, because I thought it was stupid.

    Well, I finally joined again… And why? So I can keep tabs on my little brother, know what OTHER pics he’s posting, and make sure he’s not doing anything naughty! (Typical bossy older sister, for sure.)

  4. I hate myspace. I signed up for an account just so I can get on it and look at the pages of people there who hotlink my photos for backgrounds on their pages. Then I change the photo to something nasty just because I can’t stand hotlinking.

  5. You may want to read the small print for Myspace. I signed up for it and started getting BUTTLOADS of spam mail. Turns out, Myspace sells your information (like in your profile for musical tastes, etc) to advertisers. *shrug* I still have my Myspace, but I deleted my profile information…

  6. I am a long time lurker here and I have an My space account! I sighned up yesterday! Maybe we could hook up through there! It would be fun!!


  7. I have a very neglected myspace account, I am so not one of the cool kids with my whopping 14 friends! I will send you a friend request so you can see how pathetic it really is

  8. That’s the good thing about gmail… I NEVER see the spam! Although I haven’t noticed that my spam has increased in the very least anyway…

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