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I wish I had a mobile above my desk

Somehow, I set up my NikkiZ’s nursery before she was born and never bought her a mobile. Why? Because I thought it would be a waste of money. Don’t ask me WHY I thought the diaper stacker or the window valance were great ways to spend money, but I blame it on the hormones.

Now that I think about it – there were SEVERAL things I bought that I ended up either:
a) Not needing
b) Not using or

And of course since NikkiZ’s been born I’ve seen articles left and right telling me not to buy those things in those quantities. WHERE WERE THEY WHEN I WAS PREGNANT, DAMMIT. Someone needed to tell me I didn’t need 15 receiving blankets but that I WOULD need more than ONE burp rag! And to buy a DAMN MOBILE for chrissakes because look at her, she LOVES the one her aunt Junkie bought her.

It is times like these were I wonder how LilZ made it to age 10 and is relatively normal with only a few mother-induced “issues”.

18 thoughts on “I wish I had a mobile above my desk”

  1. ahhh she’s at that naked leg stage. I LOVE that stage. Don’t let her trick you into the “naked from the waist down” stage. She just wants to poop directly on you or your new furniture. It’s all a ploy.

  2. Yay! I meant to ask you or Stace if the mobile interested her….so glad it does! And have I mentioned that each and every picture you post of her is more beautiful than the last?

  3. SHE MAKES MY TEETH HURT from the sweetness. You have the prettiest blankets, bedding, clothing and accessories that I have ever seen! How do you stand all the cuteness? Gah! 🙂

  4. Oh Zoot! She just gets more beautiful by the day! And when you look into those eyes, she just looks like the nicest baby! You know how some babies have that crabby look? Not NikkiZ. What a wonder!

  5. Just so’s you know, we have like 4 burp cloths and over a dozen receiving blankets. Receiving blankets make better burp cloths than those awfully skinny flaps of material that pretend to be them.

    And I used receiving blankets like crazy with Bug until he was… well, probably almost 2 – just not always in the same way. Those things are the ultimate spiffalicious multi-use handy dandy… things.

    🙂 Way cuteness too.

  6. So where’s the list!?! I have no ‘real’ idea what I need to get. I don’t trust the store lists, they just want you to buy! buy! buy!

    Think you’re up to creating a help list for us mothers-to-be?

    NikkiZ gets more beautiful everyday! What a gorgeous smile.

  7. You know, that’s exactly what happened here too! Especially when you space your kids out and they come up with new things since your first baby. I just KNEW I had to have a diaper wipe warmer….only used it for a day. What a waste! With the first I never had enough towels or onsies and this time too many onsies. About the time you get it down pat, they are growing into another phase.

    She is beautiful, Zoot. She looks so happy !!

  8. PLEASE tell me more! i’m 18 and due with my first on march 10, and every woman i know either doesn’t have kids or has grown kids and doesn’t remember what they need. i have a ridiculous amount of cutesy stuff i’ll prolly never use!

  9. You tease. Where’s the list. With less than 8 weeks to go I’ve got nothing so far. What does Target tell me I need that I really don’t, and what do I need more of?

  10. Yeah, those diaper stacker things have SUCKER written all over them, don’t they? I have two. What the hell does that make me? A sucker squared. I have so much baby stuff that I never use. Like ummm, the changing table. That just gets toys thrown on it. And the ridiculously huge strollers that also hold the carriers. Yeah, used that for both kids for about 1 month then went to a regular fold up stroller because the other one is just too big and too heavy and too much of a pain in the ass. And ohhh, only cost $250. Nice waste of money.

    So, at least you’re not alone.

  11. I third (or fourth or fifth?) the request for a list of stuff you DON’T need to buy. I have the Baby Bargains book, which is pretty handy, but it’s always nice to hear this stuff from a real person…

  12. I am melting with all the cuteness. I can’t believe how much that ittle girl smiles. My little grouchy monkey didn’t smile until she was like 2! She was always frowning and wrinkling her forhead. I like to think that it is a sign of genius. I am only kidding myself, right?

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