This reminds me of my pregnancy entries

I feel GROSS this morning, my peeps.

(Yes, I just called you “my peeps.” I’m cool like that.)

I am kinda wavering between wanting to hurl because I’m feeling all yucky and queasy and between wanting to pass out because I’m so FREAKIN TIRED. I didn’t get to sleep until LATE. Like 11:00pm. Yes, that’s late, bite me.

I’m hoping this is just me feeling queasy because I heated up coffee from yesterday and it didn’t sit well with me. And that I’m NOT getting some sort of stomach bug the week before I go back to work. That would suck donkey ass.

I’m going to try to get motivated to shower (Trust me. That takes SEVERE motivation) and get NikkiZ out of her pajamas so I can take her by her new daycare for a visit. Of course, I have to go by her doctor’s office first because I realized her blue slip with her vaccinations on it has the wrong LAST NAME. BAH.

Maybe I’m just feeling sick at the thought of taking her to her daycare because that means we’re that much closer to the day where I go back to being a “working mom”.

And THAT sucks donkey ass.

16 thoughts on “This reminds me of my pregnancy entries”

  1. It seems this nasty flu is spreading through the blogosphere…….I know no one in person that has it, but tons of my blog friends are sick! How does that happen??

  2. 11:00 IS late. That’s when I fell asleep too and I’m wiped out. I may end up with the impression of my keyboard on my forehead this morning.

  3. I do know that there is a virus going around that is supposed to be pretty bad. I hope you guys do not get it!! Keep me posted, girl.

  4. I hope you get to feeling better soon.

    I am sure the thought of going back to work isn’t a good one. So, good luck wtih that!!

  5. Dear Lord girl, you sound like me. Lack of sleep makes me physically ill. And, I’m getting ready to go to work myself and leave my kiddo’s for the first time in 3 years….oh me, pray for me

  6. Aw, it’s so hard, I know! But trust me. There will come a day when you will raise your hands to the heavens and thank the dear Lord for daycare.
    Not that you will find that thought helpful. BUT don’t worry. It will get easier. We’ll all keep our fingers crossed for you!

  7. What in the world possessed you to heat up day old coffee?? No wonder you aren’t feeling well! On your way home from the dreaded day-care visit, pick yourself up a tasty coffee treat from your fav coffee shop! You deserve it girl!

  8. My wife was ILL for 2 weeks before the little one started daycare. Swore it was the flu, but as soon as she resigned herself to fact that the little one was going to daycare, and her nerves eased, the symptoms went away.

  9. Don’t barf! Barfing sucks.
    My sister always says those helpful words when I’m feeling sick.
    Hope you’re feeling real good real soon.

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