I’m slowly coming out of hiding…

I have lost 32 of my 50lbs gained during pregnancy. This means I only have 18 left to go, but my GAWD those 18 are the HARDEST to lose. I’ve lost those same 18lbs about 50 times in my life. But – I no longer look in the mirror and cry – so it’s progress. I’m also not repulsed by EVERY photo taken of me any more – so I thought I’d post this sweet one Stace emailed me. She took it of NikkiZ and I yesterday.


Of course, where I’m feeling more comfortable about my weight, I still haven’t gotten back into the habit of putting on makeup. I stopped wearing it in the summer because I was sweating it ALL OFF in my non-air-conditioned car every day and I haven’t really put much on since. The few times I’ve gotten gussied up with some makeup – I’ve forgotten I was wearing it and started doing something brilling like rubbing my eyes and spreading mascara and eye shadow all over my face. BAH.

But since I got back to work next week, I’d better get back in the habit of wearing it and OUT of the habit of rubbing my eyes all the time.

36 thoughts on “I’m slowly coming out of hiding…”

  1. I think that’s the sweetest pic too!!! And you DO look great!!! The weight you lost over the holidays is AMAZING!! I found what you lost plus some!

  2. You look really good, Zoot! That is a really sweet picture of you and Nikki Z. Very precious.

  3. Since I started reading you just shortly before you got pregnant, most of the pics I’ve seen of you were the pregnant variety. You’re so much slimmer now, I hardly recognized that it was you! You rock!

  4. I only hope I can half as good as you do after my bun is born (struggling SO hard not to put an “if” there). Heck, I doubt I looked that good before I got pregnant. You look FABULOUS!

  5. Awww!!! Could that pic be any more precious?!?! You look great too! I hope that I can get back to looking that good so quickly after giving birth!

  6. delurking to say that i just found your site today (from rockstarmommy.com) and love your blog designs. i read that you are officially on hiatus from designing, but please put me on the list when you are ready. i’d be proud to display one of your works of art!

    adorable darling little girl. mine is already 2 1/2 and growing sooo fast. enjoy!

  7. Great picture and you are looking really fabulous! And Zoot, you honestly don’t need make-up. You look great without it.

  8. I think you look great and that is such a sweet picture. I have a picture where I think I look awful – my thigh is hanging out of my shorts in not a good way – but the way I am looking down at my son makes me know why my hubbie snapped the pic and I am glad that he did. I see that here.

  9. You look great and that picture is precious! Makeup is overrated anyway (and I totally would not wear it if I were not so product-addicted, but alas, I am).

  10. You really have done a great job shedding the weight. You look really good! I gained 60 and lost 30 in 3 weeks. She’ll be a year old the 31st of this month and I’ve gained 10 of it back 🙁 I’m working on it though. It is sooo hard to lose the baby weight!

    Girl, new moms don’t wear makeup…LOL…you look maaaah-velous!

  11. holy cats and dogs, pictures like that make me want another baby. You look lovely, and your daughter looks very secure and safe in her mommy’s arms. Beautiful.

  12. You look GREAT! You just had a baby a couple months ago too!
    But I think all or almost all moms know what you are talking about though.
    You really do look great though

  13. It took me right at a year to loose all my baby weight. And now I’m just trying to keep it off. How did you do it so fast?

  14. You look great. I’ve still got an extra 17 pounds to lose and I’m weeks ahead of you. It came off so much faster with my daughter. Now, I’m eating right and working out all the time and it’s still not budging. My Dr. says it’s because my hormones are all messed up and that I should start seeing some progress around the 6 month post partum mark. I’m really hoping because I’m sick of doing all this work for nothing.
    You hold the 18 pounds much better than I do. You should be very proud of yourself… and with or without makeup, you look great! 🙂 Congrats & keep it up!

  15. Enjoy the nice photo. The adorable baby and the mild mother make me feel the warmth of the family. Thanks for sharing the sweet picture.

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