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NikkiZ celebrates by pooping

(If you are a lurker wanting to de-lurk this week? Feel free to go here.)

My friend Stace came into town today to visit with NikkiZ before the semester starts back up (for Stace, not NikkiZ, we thought we’d wait until she could hold up her head before putting her into college). We learned while she was here that clearing your throat makes NikkiZ laugh hysterically. Stace kept doing it and NikkiZ laughed harder than I’ve ever seen her laugh. After Stace left, we tried it again and it worked! (Sorry Stace, you weren’t the secret). Not only did NikkiZ laugh for Stace, she also POOPED for her, all over one entire outfit. Actually, she pooped on TWO outfits, but one of them was AFTER Stace left so that may not have been for her benefit.

I’m just glad Stace didn’t run screaming when she got her and one of the first things I said was, “Let’s go back to my bedroom.” See? The dogs go CRAZY with company and I knew she wanted to have some good NikkiZ time, so I figured our best bet would be to hang out in our bedroom, the ONLY room in the house we can keep the dogs out of all the time. We just hopped up on the bed, played with NikkiZ, and gossiped away the afternoon. Like girls are supposed to do.

8 thoughts on “NikkiZ celebrates by pooping”

  1. Hi… I stumbled onto your site through culturecat and have been hooked ever since. LilZ and NikkiZ are both so adorable! Thanks for sharing your stories!

  2. Okay, I admit it, I’m a lurker. Nothing has made my coffee taste better than the last few months of reading all of my ‘mommy blogs’.

  3. I have commented before, but I just want to pop in and say “Hi!” and “Happy National De-Lurking Week!”
    I’ll take anything to celebrate!

  4. It was AWESOME with all of the pooping, gossiping, laughing and clearing of the throats!!! I love my Zoots’ time!!

  5. Hi! Yes, I’ll admit it….I’m a lurker. I love reading your site and stop by practically everyday 🙂

  6. So, i read what a wrote on the last entry and wow i sound cracked out.. good for my first comment, huh? but I do have a question, do you want responses on entries that are from so long ago, or would it be easier on you if I waited to comment till i at least get into 2008?

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