My Reproductive Nightmare

My reproductive organs are packrats.

Well. The verdict is that there are several things in several places they shouldn’t be in my girly parts. There’s tissue on my left ovary that should have been in my uterus during my monthly cycle and there is some smooth muscle in my uterus that should be, well, anywhere else BUT my uterus. The endometriosis is in its beginning stages and Dr. SoNice actually recommended getting pregnant before NikkiZ is a year old to prevent it from getting worse. Of course, whether or not we’ll actually GET pregnant is another story.

My uterine fibroid (smooth muscle inside my uterus) is what caused my “enlarged uterus” that everyone was so proud of after NikkiZ was born. If it doesn’t grow anymore…we’re fine to go and we can just forget that it’s there. However, if it’s getting bigger…worst case scenario could end in the removal of my uterus. Woo Hoo! But, the doctor seemed very confident the fibroid will not get any bigger. BUT – just to cover the bases, I’m going back for an ultrasound in six weeks to check on the situation in my uterus.

And guess what six weeks ended up being?


So, I essentially scheduled a date with the vaginal ultrasound wand for Valentine’s day. We’re going to have a romantic afternoon together. Hopefully it will at least wine and dine me first. I don’t want it to think I’m easy.

8 thoughts on “My reproductive organs are packrats.”

  1. Zoot,
    So sorry to hear about your below-the-belt issues. I hope it will all act the best it can, like all Zoots do so you can have another one of those beautiful babies!

  2. Hugs, Zoot! I hope you get the results you are hoping for at your next visit.

  3. hey look at it this way…the trying to get pregnant is gona be SO very much fun! *lol*
    all the best with the girly bits…i hope it all works out for you! 🙂

  4. I hope that everything goes great for you and MrZ in your new attempts at TTC. Especially since you seem to make totally cute offspring. 🙂

  5. uteruses are highly overrated…i cannot WAIT to get rid of mine! I hope they will let you just have it out after your next little one!! yay! no more periods!!

  6. My mom had Endometriosis so bad that the doctors coudln’t believe she had her last two kids.

    She had all but one ovary removed (good way to stray away from surgical menopause).

    I’ll be thinking of you!

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