Parenting, Thing 2

Dads are Weird.

You know how new parents always gush over ANYTHING and EVERYTHING their child does? Well, I did that with LilZ. And I thought I was the WORST offender of this EVER. Until I saw MrZ find ways to actually BRAG about things a 9 week old child is doing. He actually says to visitors, “Watch this…she’ll tell me she loves me…” and he’ll say (in his baby voice) “I LOVE YOU” over and over until NikkiZ makes a sound like “Ahahhh Oooohhh Mmmmbbabap” in return. At which time MrZ will look at you and say, “SEE?”

He tells anyone and everyone who will listen about her most recent advances in the world of infant development. “Look! She kicks her legs when you change her now!” or “Guess what? She’s crying REAL TEARS now!”

It is so damn cute.

But tonight? He hit an extreme. And you will just have to trust me that this really happened because it is going to sound like I’m making it up.

MrZ’s brother came over to our house tonight. He was holding NikkiZ and she kept pooting and farting and pooping and tooting and all sorts of lovely sounds errupting from her nether regions. MrZ took NikkiZ to her room to change her and said, “Hey, have you seen her poopy diapers? They’re great. They look like orange cottage cheese.”


He was actually petitioning his brother to check out his daughter’s poopy diapers because he thought they were super cool and needed to be shown to the world. And of course his brother did the polite thing and followed him into the nursery to see the phenomena that was his niece’s dirty diaper. Instead of doing what I would have done and said, “WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?”

My husband. A. DOR. A. BLE.

22 thoughts on “Dads are Weird.”

  1. When I was born my mom would call everyone in the family to let them know the color and CONSISTANCY of my poops! They still joke about it…she was such a proud mom!

  2. boys. they are so darn cute. My man finally made that leap from only child to parent this christmas when he spent one of his gift certificats buying gifts for the little guy…sure they were computer games…but still.

  3. I am soooo sending this to my wife who claims I am the ONLY man in the world that gushes over his daughter the way I do (and did when she was little).

    It is also somewhat comforting for me to know that there is at least one other SuperProud Dad in the world.

  4. Ohhhh, holy CRAP that’s funny! I remember my oldest sister laughing her head off at my recounting my joy at baby #1’s first non-meconium bowel movement. (we had to wait over a week for it and I was freaked)

    It’s weird what a parent will find cool.

  5. He just might be the proudest papa that I have ever heard of. You are a lucky gal zootster. Is that ok that i just called you that? If not my bad, zootster 😉

  6. I guess her shit don’t stink?

    I can’t get anyone to stay in the same ROOM when I change a diaper, much less come over and look at the darn thing.

  7. Awwww… proud daddies are SO cute! I swear, when we would go to the mall, if I would so much wander away from my husband and baby for a moment, hot single women would be all over him. Babies, evidently, are chick-magnets. That ain’t right, is it? But I’m thinking that sharing orange cottage cheese baby poo in a visual sense might even chase off the chicks. LOL

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