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A few photos while I detox

We’re back. Christmas was good. If I couldn’t be with LilZ, surrounding myself with 40 of MrZ’s family members is the way to go. I have many stories to tell, but right now? I’m coming down from quite a high level of over stimulation. I promise to regale you with tales of my beautiful meat trays (no, that’s not a euphemism), stinky poots, crying babies, and rocking gifts. For now? Just a few photos humiliating my daughter for all of eternity.

NikkiZ in her natural habitat. Camouflaged among the stockings so as to evade capture by kissing parents

NikkiZ plotting exactly when the best time will be to poop all over her mother in order to maximize the payback for making her wear this humiliating getup

My Christmas angel.

12 thoughts on “A few photos while I detox”

  1. Zoot, I don’t know how she does it, but NikkiZ just gets cuter and cuter! You and MrZ sure did make a beautiful baby!

  2. She is just adorable! I too am having to detox right now! My kids are at my hubby’s aunts house playing, hubby is hunting nad i’m loving the quiet..

  3. Can’t wait for more stories. She is adorable, though, and I think you just crashed my computer with all of the cuteness. Stop!

  4. she is starting to look less like me and more like you. Umm I tried to get old photos at my parents house the other day…but she looked at me all weird when I told her I needed them so I could scan them and send them to a woman in the states who’s baby looks JUS LIKE ME! Whatever!

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