Sometimes? Words do no justice.

This blanket was mailed to me by my uncle Tommy. He’s my Dad’s older brother and I don’t think he made a blanket for anyone in our family before this one. Uncle Tommy is the LAST person you would expect to know how to crochet (or is this knitting? Can you tell by the stitch? I’m clueless) and he does it VERY well. I felt very honored to have received one and my Dad was even a little jealous because he wanted one too!

I always really loved Uncle Tommy growing up. He was just a cool uncle that had a great laugh, told great stories, referred to my grandparents (his parents) as The Old Lady and The Old Man, and drank beer and smoked. And as a kid? That’s all you need. I sent him a handmade Thank You card (it’s a new hobby, I really suck at it) and I hope the sentiment came through as to how much I love the blanket. I’m never really sure that I come off as grateful enough because where I’m brilliant at telling stories about my ASS SWEAT, I clam up when it comes to sappy Thank-yous.

Uncle Tommy at the head of the table in Lewisburg on March 31, 2004.

13 thoughts on “Sometimes? Words do no justice.”

  1. That is totally awesome. I am awestruck. The fact that it is so unlikely that a feller like Uncle T would do that makes it all the more beautiful. I’m getting all verklempt over it!

  2. Gee, I hate to contradict, but growing up in a family of crafters, I’m pretty heavily leaning towards crochet. You can tell by the shape of the stitches. Knits are like chevrons & crochets are triangles. Zoom in woman!

    In any case, a very lovely gift. I still have my baby blanket. So make sure NikkiZ keeps that her whole life.

  3. Knitting….My grandmother used to make them all the time, She knitted, I crocheted(sp)…Uncle T is some thing else isn’t he?

  4. My grandfather made quilts. I still have a few of them, and I just think it’s wonderful that he did something so unusual for a man back then.

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