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Sounds of the season

We went out to eat tonight at the local Mexican dive we love. Afterwards? We decided to go drive through the Botanical Gardens to look at the lights. However, NikkiZ got super fussy (read: Screamed Bloody Freakin Murder) on the way to get the tickets from MrZ’s mom. She calmed down after I fed her at Grandma’s office, and then we hit the road to see the lights.

When you drive through the local Botanical Gardens to see the lights, it is customary to go REALLY slow so you can really enjoy it. It is NOT customary to STOP AT EVERY DISPLAY, but the car in front of us thought that was necessary. This is not a complex light show, it’s nice, but not requiring intense scrutiny or examination as though they were works of art. Stopping at every display is VERY much an overkill. You don’t need to STOP to really UNDERSTAND the snowmen throwing their own heads at each other. You just look at it and MOVE ON.

My point? It was taking us FOREVER to get through the trail of lights. This was not a big deal at first since NikkiZ had fallen asleep after she ate. Well, not a big deal until she WOKE UP halfway through – which would have been ALL the way through if some dumbass hadn’t stopped to COUNT EVERY DAMN LIGHT IN THE GARDEN.

Can you tell I’m stressed?

We spent the last half of the trip with NikkiZ screaming BLOODY FREAKIN MURDER and since I was in the back seat with her? She was looking at me while she screamed. LOOKING AT ME…SCREAMING. And all I could do was apologize and rub her feet. She was thinking, “I know you – you feed me – don’t you love me? Cant you see I’m unhappy? Why are you just staring at me? GET ME OUT OF THIS SEAT ALREADY, BITCH.”

It was a tad stressful.

We made it out alive, though. We’re home now and NikkiZ is contently staring around the house, glad to be out of the car.

And I’m about to pour myself a bottle glass of wine.

I love the holidays.

3 thoughts on “Sounds of the season”

  1. Zoot, I feel your pain. I remember going to the big light show a few years ago, and LIttle Joe was screaming and looking daggers at me, as though to say “Upstrap me from this monstrosity and hold me, you fool woman!”

    Hope the wine did the trick. I need a bottle or two right now to face the Christmas preparations.

  2. I’m raising my hand only to say that I am guilty of stopping at the really good ones that I wanna take a picture of but if at all possible I try and get over so that cars behind me can still get by.

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