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This calls for use of the word “Squee!”

Sometimes? Someone gives you a gift for your daughter that is so FREAKIN’ adorable, you can’t help but put it on her. Even when she’s just had a bath (which sometimes makes her scream) and when she’s super-hungry (which ALWAYS makes her scream.) And sometimes? A mom will take pictures of her daughter in that item EVEN WHEN SHE’S SCREAMING.

Admit it. Even with the screaming awful face, she’s still freakin’ adorable. But – I did feed her, warm her up, and then take some more pictures. Pictures that show that she really does love the adorable bunny robe so much! And she’s so much cuter in it when she’s NOT screaming blood murder. Which is hard to believe.

I kinda want a robe just like it. Don’t you? Do you think they make them in grown-up sizes? And would I be committed for buying one if they did?

24 thoughts on “This calls for use of the word “Squee!””

  1. I definitely want one! Although there’s no way I’d look as cute in it as your little one. And I love pictures of screaming babies. I know, sorta sadistic, but it’s just so cute!

  2. That is the most adorable thing I have seen in a long time! I miss my little newborn (she is now a wobbly little toddler, still cute but not in that adorable, eat their cheeks kind of way). I love seeing pictures of NikkiZ. Perfection!

  3. GAH! How do you not just gobble her up. That first picture made me tear up a little because she’s just too cute.

  4. Oh! Just too adorable. The happy pictures, not the screaming ones, that is.

    and yeah… where can I get the adult-sized version? Just perfect for winter… keeps your head warm while your hair is drying…

  5. I dunno, Zoot, I like the first screaming pic the best I think. The smiles are adorable, but you can never really duplicate a good screaming face.

    Any and all of the pics fall under the “squee” catagory. Priceless!

  6. God Zoot! She is precious!
    She is so Ralphy from A Christmas Story when he has to wear the pink bunny outfit…”do I have to? wahhhh! can I take it off now?”

  7. I’m finding there are a lot of baby items I wish they made in adult sizes. Like those pajamas with the feet and the soft baby blankets.

  8. Hmmmm…isn’t this a babysize version of the bunny suit featured in the movie “A Christmas Story”. The one Ralphie’s aunt sent him for Christmas that made him look “like a deranged bunny rabbit”? But ok, she is cute….

  9. That bunny robe is so cute.. and the pics of NikkiZ smiling in it are super-dooper adorable!!

    Zoot.. you have a beautiful family!!

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